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Something i want you guys to notice

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by just.me, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. just.me

    just.me Account Closed

    Here is my post from few days ago
    now obviously i am feeling better now, but if during the day of this post
    i had access to a gun, it could of end the same way as what happened today.

    Ironically enough it is possible that he was a member of SF
    and it is possible that he read my thread... and somehow it twisted his mind
    yes or no i don't think we will ever know and it doesn't even matter
    what matter is the fact that i met more then once, REALLY depressed people
    in here, who were depressed mainly due to 1 reason, girls!
    Drowning in Tears, i think zombiez1 also, and many others are suffering a lot
    because they cant find a partner.
    and i am not sure that most people here are aware of the danger in such cases
    i hope this post will open your eyes to some things we prefer not to think about
    and maybe to check on ourselves on how really do we know the people we sometimes ignore while in chat
    and maybe, just maybe, instead of talking about the weather, to give a visit to the one member who
    is sitting all alone in the trig room (i saw this more then once)
  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Well you bring up great issues that will be discussed for many years to come by our site and by families and be legal scholars, ad infinitum about other people who have ties to the people that end up here and other sites like this and who don't.

    Personally, if I had a gun in the house, I don't know that I could trust myself with it. Maybe one day I will. But right now, with my issues with anger and bi-polar disorder and depression, I am able to fight off the urge to own a gun.

    Therefore, anybody who takes action against themselves, or includes others will almost always have only themselves to blame. You will put no blame on a site such as this because someone didn't talk to you.

    As for the other issues they require a far more in depth discussion of society, the legal system, the NRA, etc...as to where any blame might lay,

    Let's put it this way...I heard this at another site once. Someone said " Hey, it's only the bad guys that shoot up other people then kill themselves;"

    I find that line of thinking, naieve at best. Because if you take a good guy, and give him a gun, and that guy becomes disturbed over the years to the point where he takes his own life after killing other people, well, he then becomes the bad guy, doesn't he?
  3. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    i think that depending on age, not having a partner can trigger some bad feelings about yourself,
    but i don't think that it's only girls in general, you have to look at how the other sex is feeling as well.

    but i do agree that a lot of people don't visit that one person who's in the triggering subjects room in chat, because i know that i've been in that position before where it was just me and no one else, but at least 10 people talking in chat lobby, including 2 mods.
  4. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Heya mate. Erhm.. I bet you don't believe that and are just throwing that in. But to post it means youve thought about it and connected a horrible event to yourself. Id suggest not doing that in any shape or form. This mans actions were entirely his own and have nothing to do with you or anyone on this forum. That's not fair on yourself, and to the victims. Just a friendly bit of advice, sperate the horrible events of the world that appear to relate to something we percieve as our own.
  5. just.me

    just.me Account Closed

    I didnt related to him in any way
    I just though, what if there is a member here who is days away from snapping
    we are not aware of it, and he just keeps on posting at the suicide forum
    on how bad he feels, and at the relationship forums on how he cant find a partner etc
    and then he noticed such post as mine, and maybe it gave him ideas, idk..
    twist mind is difficult to understand
    it can be as simple as telling the wrong word to the wrong member in the chat
    which will trigger mass murdering without the first being aware of it at all

    my point is that when i opened this post i linked
    i actually felt like i want to do it
    but lucky enough it was just a low episode of my bi polar disorder.
    i am also well aware of the fact the none of the members here
    are knowing how to deal with a crisis, so when a guy is posting and saying
    that he want to go on a killing rampage, the only replays he gets are not professional
    and imagine that this post wasn't mine, but of this guy from the news
    imagine that you could of prevent 3 murders if only you took him seriously
    or knew how to deal with such posts without throwing virtual hugs on him
  6. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Basically youre trying to say that there is triggering material for people who are on that edge. Well ok. Sure. Triggering material is everywhere though, and it's extremely difficult for people to judge how someone is feeling or the state they are in by the a post of any sorts.

    Really "knowing" of you to state that no one here can deal with crisis issues. You defined alot of people with that. Maybe be a bit more open minded yourself. There are many reasons why people don't respond to people in apparent crises, and why those who do respond only give so much.

    Kinda unfair question but sure, if by chance I was talking with him and I knew of his situation I'd try my best to help him see himself and the world around him outside of the box he's trapped himself in. Other than that, I can't do anymore besides inform the police if he stated to me he was going to injure someone.

    Your statement boarders on the line of, imagine if you were a friend of hitler when he was a child and you could have killed him to save millions.
    We do what we can do, but there is a severely strong blur from behind a computer console. Best this we can do is respect eachother and try and talk
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