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    It's nowhere near done, but I figured I'd post what I have so far, just might help some people, or at least make them look at things differently.

    You call me a goody two shoe for not doing drugs. Goody two shoes don't do drugs because their god, or their parents told them not to. If theres two brain cells in your head left untouched, then you're thinking, "Next you're going to claim you're not one of those. Then how come you don't do drugs?". I don't do drugs for many reasons, let me tell you about it.

    I'm against the recreational use of drugs. No, I don't support the war on drugs, I don't think the government should intervene in any of our affairs.....but thats another topic. When people make plans to go and get high, or drunk, they're missing out on some great things. They choose to abuse their bodies and cloud their minds only to just 'feel good'. They have an extreme lack of motivation. Sure, its easier to pick up a bottle of booze after work, or to go over your friends house and get stoned off your ass. That doesn't even compare to what you could be doing though. Imagine waking up early in the morning in the's not hot yet, you still have the coolness of the night....dew on the have the calls of birds you can't see in trees off in the distance while you stretch. You start running. As you run you can feel your lungs pulsing, striving for air. As you get tired...the muscles in your legs hurt....your saliva tastes like think of a goal. You run towards that goal and you find a new source of energy, you become ecstatic...or you become enraged.....either way, you're alive with energy.

    Straight edge is a little bit different than simply being drug free, at least in my eyes. Even if you're not involved in the culture, or 'scene' you can be straight edge. I think being straight edge is about being proud that you're drug free. You're not simply making the choice not to do drugs, you're AGAINST it. Against the culture it creates, the people it creates, and the lives drugs ruin.

    Theres a million things you can do when you're not depending on some kind of substance. Its all up to you though, what you do depends on your interests. If you can only think of something that involves a substance as a source of release, entertainment, or relaxation then you're doing something wrong in your life. I'm not telling you how to live your life.....but when you let a substance rule your life, that's definitely something to step back and take a look at.

    Sure, I have a lot of hates. You could make a strong case that hate is my main reason for being straight edge, you'd probably be right. But I wouldn't have hate if there wasn't something I love either. I love people who can live their lives and be strong. People who can have fun without drugs. People who don't get drunk after work and kill their friends. Above all, I love my life. I love the people around me. I don't hate the drugs.....I hate what the people around me let drugs do to them. I refuse to be that way. So for all you drug fiends out there reading this and saying, "Whatever, more drugs for me! Haha." have fun. I'll only smile when you're lying in a pool of your own vomit, ice cold, and dead before ever having really experiencing what life has to offer. For all the addicts out there....even if you tried to stop before, or even a million times before, Stop Now. This is your life, you can choose not to be ruled by a drug. You can choose the path of strength and dignity, the straight edge path.
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