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    This poem came to my mind today, and I wanted to share with you all this;

    Breaking the stride

    Life swirls as if nothing can stop it,
    The world moves to the beat of the drum,
    The beauty around is dying,
    The nasty and cruel grows.
    We move in our lives as if nothing is happening,
    We take on our day like nothing is wrong,
    We look at our self as we are all that matter,
    Nothing we do can stop the stride.
    Our life here is dying,
    Our souls have turned black,
    The world is against us,
    All we have done is just turned our back.
    We must see the good in our heart and our life,
    We must take back our goodness and light,
    We can stop the madness and darkness,
    We can break the stride.

    Just tell me if it sucks or whatever, I like to know how my poems do.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.