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hey, guys. so, i've had this thought troubling me for a long time. ever since i've cared for my weight, i've starved my body to an extent where i would have a flat stomach. now, my bmi is already 18.1 (underweight) from a 28 bmi, and i still don't exactly have a flat stomach. yes, my stomach has decreased its size considerably from last year, but i still have a small bump of fat, protruding on the lower, belly side. my arms and whole, lower legs, specifically, have always been thin or even medium in size at most. no matter how much i've gained, i never had them to an extent where i couldn't wrap my my fingers around its wrists. however, now that my bmi is 18.1, my arms and legs have gotten so thin that even if i used my little finger and thumb to wrap my wrist, there will still be an allowance. likewise, i could wrap my fingers around my ankles. i hate it, because people in my school would always comment about how much i got so thin and act so surprised, but i can see that what they're really thinking is that i've gotten TOO thin and think i'm anorexic. that's also another thing i don't understand because i know i've been very preoccupied with calories and even just gaining a pound but never have i come to an extend where i would force myself to vomit the food i ate, thinking that i could remove all the calories i just had consumed. anyway, my stomach maybe be called flat by people but in my literal point of view, it isn't. also, when i eat--even with just a a plain, small cup of rice, my stomach will bloat eventually. i don't get my body. it just looks like that the only part of my body that gets fat is my stomach. until now, i can't wear any xxs tight, shirts without filling my stomach with simply water. i'm trying gain a little weight just to fatten my arms and legs but still, no avail. only my stomach gets bloated. i exercise but not muscle-building ones, because i don't want to keep a regular exercise routine just to maintain my muscles. no matter how much i do stomach exercises, like crunches, sit-ups, etc. it still has that small, belly flab. does anybody have any suggestions or infos to share, regarding my problem? thank you


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So you lost all this weight with the intent to decrease this perceived "Fat" around your midsection? The solution does not always come with losing weight, as you have found out. Gain the weight back, then we'll talk. When you do, there are healthy ways to rid yourself of fat in that area.

The reason why your stomach has such a strong propensity to bloat is likely due to it being shrunken, hence the small amount of rice makes it full.


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hmm... i dunno about shrunken stomach, because i don't get full easily. in fact, i binge a lot... but yes, my stomach does bloat with just a couple of bites and actually, the only time i feel full and when my stomach hurts from it is when i just drink a couple of glasses of just water... a two or three makes mt stomach ache already... actually, i just had a about 12 slices of white bread for brunch... and i didn't even get full from them. so, i had an oatmeal afterwards, but when i had three glasses of water after, that's when my stomach started aching...

p.s. i don't exactly know what this "shrunken stomach" is. i just researched about it a while ago and i didn't see much info on it, except that you get full easily since your stomach can store less food now but what is it exactly? is it something i should be worried about? is it bad or what?
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I'm not sure, but I *think* it is caused by the (lack of) muscles in your stomach. Your muscles aren't strong enough to "hold up" the stomach... if that makes sense.

Could be very wrong though, I'm not an expert.

Btw, is your name (TheGift) taken from a song?


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Sounds like a lot of your "bloated stomach" is based on your perception which may be incorrent. At any rate, some people are just not programed to have a flat stomach no matter how thin they get. For many, especially women, the lower belly is always going to retain some fat- biologically programed for childbirth and all.

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I think what he meant was, your stomach capacity has decreased to the extent that two glasses of water fill you up.
Try eating small meals regularly. In that way, your stomach is always filled and gradually you'll be able to accommodate more food. Dint try to stuff yourself, that'll only give you indigestion n tummy ache lol.
The deposition of fat around your middle specifically, do you tend to eat one bog meal a day? Because that kind of eating, like one large meal a day, especially lunch, can cause that. Also hun, what you're not thinking is. With a bmI of 18 you're already in the skinny side. So obviously when you eat you sill feel like your tummy's sticking out. It's actually not hun. :hug:

Also I would recommend you eat a lot of high energy foods. Not junk or greasy fast food, that stuff will make you break out. Try eating nuts all day, like keep trail mix handy or do what my mom used to make us do lol, always have a pack in your bag. So you can be nomming off and on all day. :munch:
Try to take daily vitamin b complex supplements, they'll help things back in track. And eating probiotics like yoghurt will build your intestinal flora and it helps immensely.

Hope I helped!.. :hug:
This happened to me when I was still underweight from anorexia (I'm in recovery right now, and trying hard). Your stomach has been sent so many conflicting signals and been given such an erratic intake of food; that's why it may be a little bloated. Trust me, that does not mean you need to starve even more to get ride of it; this means you should try your best to eat more regularly and frequently, perhaps small meals that are easy on your stomach, and get a bit of exercise so that your metabolism wakes up and your digestive system starts functioning in a healthier way. I know your first instinct will be to eat less to get rid of the little tummy, but that will not fix it. Just do your best to get your digestive system back on track! Hang in there. :hug:
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