Something that I'm a bit embarressed about

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  1. InnerStrength

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    So, I went to the doc a few years ago, got a blood test because I was feeling like complete shit. Apparently, I had low (but normal, whatever) test levels. In the 300 range, most docs are scared about treating this if you're not an aging male.

    He didn't treat my problem, and sent me on my way. Years later, I'm still in the same rut. And I'm trying to find a doc to actually treat my problem (or find the underlying problem). Can anyone else relate to my particular situation?

    What really makes this embarressing is how it effects my dating life (well, lack thereof). I've never been on one. Because of my health issue, I'm extremely unaggressive towards women. I've been approached several times, (and given extreme hints otherwise) by attractive women, but just too nervous and tired to respond in an appropriate fashion.

    Most people don't realize that test in itself creates a sense of well being and confidence. Granted some men are untactfully aggressive because of it. But I'd rather be that way to an extent, then the way I am now.

    I'll be dead soon enough, and it's killing me (heh) that I'm wasting my life because of this ailment. I just wish I could find a competent doctor for once.
  2. Terry

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    If some years have passed then I would definetly go to a doctor and ask for it to be treated.
    My son had to have testosterone injections when he was 14 due to stunted growth and not going into puberty,
    We had about a year of him being overly aggressive but that calmed down as his body adjusted.
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    :agreed: :hug:
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    I believe I know what you're talking about. I can't say that I suffer from the same, but God bless you and I'm third in motion for a second opinion in regards to treatment.

    Doctors can be just as wrong as anyone else! I know someone who continues to under-go treatment and his life now has a true sense of normalcy even in marriage.

    I'll be around if you ever need to talk via PM or anything. Good luck.
  5. InnerStrength

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    I'm young though, only 22, and that's what a little scary. What's even more frightening is the prospect of living the rest of my life like this. Ah well, hopefully things will change.
  6. Terry

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    Well, as I said, my son was only 14 and they originally wanted to start the treatment at 7 :eek:hmy:
    So I got a second opinion and was advised to wait.
    The treatment at 14 has had no bad side effects so you should be fine at 22.
  7. InnerStrength

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    What I meant was that I shouldn't have this problem at 22, just as your son shouldn't've have had that complication at 14. That, to me, was the frightening part.

    And TRT has been linked to increased risk of prostrate cancer, so it's more of a long-term risk.