something that is really upsetting and bothering me

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    I need to get something off my chest and my mind, if possible, I sent a gift to my cousin. She knew that it was taking allI had to make it for her. It was sesame brittle and curry paste. A huge amount to feed both her boyfriend and her.

    Because of what I am going through it was an enormous undertaking. One of great love dedication and... well getting and making the ingredients was more than challenging. then boxing them up and sending them. She knew how very hard it was for me to pull off. Because she knows about my challenges.

    On the 23rd I saw through tracking that it had been delivered. On the 26th i emailed her to ask if she got it. She said she was away with her boyfriend since the 24th. And it was not delieved before she left. I emailed back saying that actually it was delieved the day before she left. So I am concerned. She wrote back saying no worries. its the thought that counts. I emailed back asking her if she could please let me know either way, when she gets home. Because I can collect insurance and send her more. I never heard from her again.

    I feel like she just blew me off. and I am very hurt and upset. When she was without a boyfriend and money she used to call me up hysterical. literally in huge crisis. So much so that I would tell her to call her therapist. I even spoke with her therapist. She would call my brother hysterical. There was no calming her down. She was literally hysterical. Now that she has a boyfriend and money she doesnt give a crap. I feel so blown off.

    She sent me a comforter her mother had bought for her years ago that she no longer wanted. that was very nice. I was to honored and amazed and grateful. I let her know how wonderful that was. I never would have discounted a gift she sent to me, But I do feel so discounted. And I have no recourse. I cannot email her again. Its inappropriate. And it is bothering me. There is something deeper about it. Because I had to work so hard to make it. Well, I am not sure why it upsets me so much. It just does. Perhaps its because I put my heart into it. And it was dscounted. So my heart feels discounted yet again. And then there is the money I spent. for the food and the shipping. It may be because I feel powerless. She has the power over me in terms of not being able to tell the USPS that the package did not arrive on the 23rd. Or maybe it did and they did not find it. they left 24 hours after tracking said it arrived at their condo.

    anyway, I do have power in this. The power to not let it bother me. and yet I cannot seem to connect with that power. as each day passes it bothers me more. I saw she posted a lot on facebook yesterday. So I do think she is home. Where she was is not good connection. Anyway, sorry this is so long. urg, I always write such long things. sorry
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    I fell out with my cousin, a long story, but to cut to the chase, she hurt and angered me beyond the telling.
    I deleted her from everything and no longer have any contact with her.
    Sometimes people just go beyond the pale and for self preservation we have to let them go out of our lives, perhaps this is one of those times.