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Okay, I've been thinking...

To help myself through this rough patch and anything else! I've decided I'm gonna come back here more often and focus on all you!!! You guys are my friends and mean a lot to me and helping you guys in any way I can (whether it be by making you laugh.. or being t here to talk to) I wanna do it

:biggrin: I know I'm just this dumb kid that wanders around this place but I've been told I can manage a smidge of help every now and then.. and where better to focus t hat?

Ok, Just felt like announcing that :laugh: I'll shut up now
You're not a dumb kid :hug: For one thing you're only like a year and a half younger than me :tongue:
And for another thing, I heart you!! :hug:
And your contributions to our smutty chat talk.
I heart smutty chat talk.
:hug: :hug: :hug:
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