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Something to think about

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by see, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. see

    see Well-Known Member

    These are only the rambling of a desperate and confused fool hoping to find some hope ,so don't laugh to hard and don't respond before you have tought about it for awhile.I posted it here otherwise no one reads it.

    Everything in the universe is connected and for every action there is a reaction, everything you do has an influence on the universe weather you believe it or not. The human race has been so caught up in the evolution of the world that they have forgotten how to be human, the basics of life and every generation it gets worse we lose a little bit more of our humanity.Look around what is going on in the world there is more anger hurt sadness and confusion than ever before.So many of use walk around with this emptiness inside it drains us of life and brings us to the point of suicide.
    We grab at pills and bottles to help us cope we screw up our health and hormones with all the grap we dump on our food and into the world yet we still remain empty.
    So hear is were it gets weird and I might lose you. The universe, nature ,life is about balance and has away or restoring itself. So here is something to think about have you ever considered that what ever you going rough all the hurt pain everything in your life that has happened might have happened for a reason the universe ,life what ever you want to call it has allow it to happen so you can find a deeper understanding a deeper awareness of yourself and the human race to get us back on track stop us from destroying our self, maybe once you have experienced all your pain and worked trough it you can start to heal and then the world/friends family so no one else has to experience what you are going trough alone.

    It is easy to say save the world you must have lost your marbles, I am struggling just to save myself let alone the world let it save it self what can I possable do one invisible helpless soul? It starts with you finding a deeper understanding and meaning for your suffering beyond your world in understanding how special you are in having experienced all this hurting and unfairness, it has given you the empathy to understand and the in-site as to what is wrong with the world to find humanity again.We have lost the meaning of life love friendship and truly understanding and caring for others.

    So what I am trying to say is that we are special that in spite of everything we feel and think everything that has happened to us has happened because of the human race forgetting there humanity. We have the power the key to make a difference in the world all we need to do no matter how hard or unfair or hurting it is, is to become aware of the bigger picture beyond our pain and maybe find hope and purpose to help us to survive this moment.
    (Excuse the spelling I suck at it)
Thread Status:
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