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Something Uplifting For All The Idealists Out There

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Edgar Roni Figaro, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    Here is a link to Jacque Fresco speaking about the project. Watch this 3 part video that lasts 30 minutes and the project will be fully explained.


    If you have seen the movie Zeitgeist 2 you may have heard of something called The Venus Project. When I first heard about it a couple of years ago and read what the movement was about it really impacted me deeply. I thought I would share it with others on this board who might be interested in viewing a positive future where war, famine, disease, and the monetary system are all memories of the distant past.

    This Venus Project aims to build an entire city based on the idea that as long as we have a monetary based economic system we cannot have a stable and peaceful world. The movement advocates switching to a resource based economy in which all the worlds resources become the property of all the worlds people and are used to eliminate all the mundane jobs that billions of people are forced to do every day and replace them with machine labor there bye freeing human beings to do the things that separate us from every other species on the planet. Use our intelligence, creativity, and spirituality to better ourselves and mankind. These machines will be able to grow our food and harvest it in a way that has minimal impact on the earth's environment.

    I believe most of our depression is caused by the reality that the world we live in today is designed by those who wish to step on others and not for those who wish not to step on anyone. We work jobs that rob us of our dignity our intelligence, our creativity, and everything else that makes us human. These jobs reduce us to doing mindless repetitive tasks which any machine could do.

    Little by little machines are beginning to take the place of all jobs. First it was the auto makers who used machines to build cars, now machines are replacing cashiers at many retail stores and as corporations seek ever higher profits they will eliminate more and more jobs and replace them with machines as the technology becomes available. The results will be an unemployment rate that reaches so high as to destroy the economic system itself. But it doesn't have to happen that way.

    The founder of this project is Jacque Fresco. If you go on youtube and listen to the way he speaks about the future he is a true visionary. If the world only had more people like him we would be so much better off.

    "Don't forget all the models I did, are only transitional, they don't represent the best. Noone knows what the future will bring. There are so many variables that can alter things. The models are only conceptual, they are not necessarily what the future might look like. Let's say they are extrapolations. We're taking the present and extrapolating forward. But we can't leap too far, because we don't know what new things might come in to being." - Jacque Fresco

    Here is a link to the main site for anyone who wants to read about it. Not everyone is going to agree, but to me this movement really gives me hope for the future that mankind as a species will finally wake up and become something better than the mere sum of our parts.


    "Static empirical knowledge does not exist, rather it is the insight of the emergence of all systems we must recognize. This means we must be open to new information at all times, even if it threatens our current belief system, and hence, identities. Sadly society today has failed to recognize this, and the established institutions continue to paralyze growth by preserving outdated social structures.

    Simultaneously, the population suffers from a fear of change. For their conditioning assumes a static identity and challenging ones belief system, usually results in insult and apprehension. For being wrong is erroneously associated with failure. When in fact to be proven wrong should be celebrated. It is elevating someone to a new level of understanding, furthering awareness. The fact is, there is no such thing as a smart human being, for it is merely a matter of time before their ideas are updated, changed, or irradiated.

    And this tendency to blindly hold on to a belief system, sheltering it from new possibly transforming information is nothing less than a form of intelectual materialism. The monetary system perpetuates this materialism not only by it’s self-preserving structures, but also throught the countless number of people who have been conditioned into blindly and thoughtlessly upholding these structures, therefore becoming self-appointed guardians of the status quo. Sheep which no longer need a sheep-dog to control them. For they control each other by ostracizing those who step out of the norm.

    This tendency to resist change and uphold existing institutions for the sake of identity, comfort, power and profit is completely unsustainable; and will only produce further imbalance, fragmentation, distortion, and very invariably destruction."
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