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I’ve been around this forum for a while now, I saw many posts of you and answered a few of them. Every post has pain, despair, sorrow… I feel for every one of you, the feelings we feel are pretty much the same, even if they come from different experiences. I was reluctant to post mine, even if I was glad to give support to others, but I think you can’t be trustworthy if you don’t open to other people in a situation similar to yours. It made me feel good when I discovered this place, when people is listening to you, gives you advices without judging. It took me some time before I decided to say this… probably because it seems a minor thing compared to others’ . Anyway...I used to be a nice guy, always ready to give a helping hand, caring for people, being polite with strangers and enjoying my friends. But some time ago... don't know... something went wrong and now I find myself a more apathetic, slugghish and indolent person. Now I act careless towards people, almost I do not talk at all during the day. I can't tell of this even to my closest friends. Everyone was noticed my change, but I can't explain why. I never had a good with my parents, so I never tell them anything. After 4 years at the university I haven't made a single friend or person to talk to during lessons. And of course I have no girlfriend. Actually, I never had a girlfreind. Not even when I was a teenager. I've always been introvert, and since I'm not very confident with my look, I never start a conversation... I became aware that I will be lonely for the rest of my life, that is I think I turned to be the person I am now... disillusioned and depressed. Some day I would like to stay in bed doing just nothing. Love is everything to me, I sometimes figure out how it would be to love someone, but I hardly will know, I don't see how things can change. having a girlfriend seems so natural when you look at other people... why can't it be for me too? My friends are feeling that I have become more distant, I'm sharing very few things with them, and they think I do not consider them friends, but of course it's not true. They are the only people i care for, but somehow i can't open myself to them. I'm not sure they'll understand... hope you do.
thanks to everyone


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I'm no doctor, but that sounds like depression to me.

Low self esteem.
Loss of interest.

Not sure if that is a list of symptoms

Or .............

Its my CV !

Doh !!!!!!!


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Yeah, I've been to university for two years and haven't talked to anyone, haven't made a single friend either, unlike EVERYONE else who has at least 20+ friends. Sigh, why am I so abnormal? Either change or learn to be happy with who I am? Everyone always says "Be yourself", but being myself is being a total loser and inferior to everyone. Sigh...:sad:

Is it not nice that you still have friends outside university? I have none and have not and probably never will have a significant other either, gonna be pretty alone, I guess all I can do then is change? But why do I have to be the one to change so much?
man...i feel for both of u.

Everyone always says "Be yourself", but being myself is being a total loser and inferior to everyone.

^^my exact thoughts about myself....

its weird how we all kinda got the short straw in life
n think the same way

the world just
hates us i guess
fuck them
i hate them


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This is definitely the worse period of my life... I had so many expectations... and they turned to be nothing
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