somethings very wrong

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    for the past few days I have had several strange spells of dizziness, rapid heart beat, feeling extremely hot when its cool or cold, shortness of breath (like i have just been running) when walking or even just sitting. I feel like if i close my eyes that i will black out. I dunno whats wrong ive tried looking this up but have had no explanation. i do not want to go to hospital again as i havent even been able to pay off the hospital trip from a few weeks ago. Sometimes my hands shake more than normal now....i dunno whats wrong but something obviously is. Its beginning to scare me
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    In the US, If you go to the Emergency Room, and cannot pay, they will assign a social worker to work with you...maybe you qualify for entitlements or reduced charges...also, there are some county and city hospitals that have managed care agreements that are considerably reduced in rate...please make sure your health comes first as no one can adequately diagnose or treat you online...hope you feel better and PM me if I can help you navigate the health care system (again in the US; sorry)