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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by LostNconfused13, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. I really want too go back to college but can't because I have this debt I have to pay off with a certain school first. I keep throwing my parents random ideas I sell my car because cars are just too damn expensive these days. I can't get a loan in my name if I could I would I already would've done that I'm asking my parents to get a loan in their name as soon as I get my refund check I will pay them back. I miss college I used to amazing in math now I forgot everything also I told myself once I hit the age where I'm at now I would have a good job and start to travel some places I've been wanting to go to since forever. I know I have this weight loss surgery and I haven't been approved of it yet cause I have meetings to go to but according to my mom it may not end up working out for me. I've been told since I was a kid if you are nice to everyone good things will come your way and what a bunch of croc that is. I am always nice no good things never happen to me only bad things. It's like why am I still living again why am I here on this earth? Does god just want to have some fun with me and screw up my life? It's like are ya kidding me
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    Get a student loan apply for student grants go to the college and see what grants are available and apply to all of them ok you can
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    Hi there and welcome. When are you having your weight loss surgery? Hopefully the motivation in that will be good for you. Sorry you are feeling so poorly right now, hope that talking has helped :)
  4. I can't get a student loan yet because I do have to pay off another one before I can get my transcripts over. It sucks because I don't think my mom actually gets what I'm going through she doesn't get it. So I am probably not even going to have have surgery I may not to go to those meetings. With my depression I have been sleeping a lot lately because when I sleep I'm not crying nor having suicidal thoughts and tendencies to try out those thoughts. The big reason I talk on here is because I can't talk to my parents and I learned not to bottle up my feelings
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