Sometimes I just wanna give up

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  1. Silently-Hated

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    Honestly seriously do you not see the need I have? All I ever do is everything THEY want me to do! I don't complain why would I do that? It never has gotten me anywhere and never will... I'm sick and pathetic, a poor excuse of a human being, at least that's what THEY tell me. I just want to kill myself, but I won't I can't do anything right so why would I get my death right? I like the suffering though sometimes, it let's me know I can feel something. Just sometimes I wish I had something good. But I don't deserve it , I deserve nothing but the pain I've had all my life, the abuse and the hatred, I can stand that, but sooner or later I'm going to quit
  2. StevenSiew

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    Who is THEY?
  3. Silently-Hated

    Silently-Hated Well-Known Member

    People, people everywhere... The ones that yell and curse and deny you, the ones you live with but don't care about you, the ones who are your friends and family... They, that's who