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Sometimes I just wish I wouldn't wake up in the morning

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I know I'm depressed, and have been for a while now. Trouble is, I've hidden behind fake smiles for so long now that not even my parents would believe me. I've shown them my scars, I've told them about my thoughts. They think this is all some act to gain attention. Sometimes I feel like the only thing holding me back is what I would be putting my friends through.

I've started pushing people away.
The hardest part is knowing that when you're gone, so many lives will be affected. When you can honestly say that your pain is greater then the amount you will cause to the people who love you, that's when you know you have a decision to make.
At that point, you can only do a few things. Go through with it, or just deal with life and maybe find people who you can atleast talk with just to get by. After all, I know from personal experiences, that it may just be your scenario/setting that keeps you feeling this way. Give outside influences a chance before you make the decision to end everything.
Also, feel free to msg me if you need to talk about anything.


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Hang on to those friends and let them help you. Are you getting any support or treatment for your depression?


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I agree with Fitzy that you should hang on to your friends.. The wonderfull world of isolation is terrible.. I've been isolating for over twenty years..I have only the friends I have made here..You should get into therapy.. It helps alot..
No I haven't been able to get any therapy or anything, and there's only two or three friends that I really care about, but I think they may be giving up

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Call your doctor okay tell him you need some meds to help lift depression and you want to get set up for some councilling some therapy to help you cope hun do that for you okay get feeling better now before you go to deep
Im still a minor and neither of my parents will believe me when I tell them, my mom doesn't believe in any of the medications, so I'm pretty much trapped.


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Then you go to the ER and tell them you are actively suicidal.. They will send someone from mental health down to screen you.. If they decide to admit you, then go for it.. You will see a pdoc once a day and possibly a therapist..The Mental Health ward has both.. Don't be afraid, there are floor techs on 24/7 who will keep you safe..Maybe then your parents will open there eyes..
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