Sometimes you just feel, unwanted.

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    We've all felt unwanted, alone, like no one else cares. People say that that is a common feeling for a teenager to have. I understand where they are coming from, but I think that what I am feeling is much more that teenage angst. Is it normal to get so worked up about your flaws that you breka your hand punching a cement wall. I don't think so. Self-critisism is said to be every persons downfall. I don't know about everyone else, but it is definatly mine. I feel like death is the only way for me to escape myself, the only way to let go of my life now and start anew. Is that wrong? Some people might say yes, but I think that those feeling are just part of my minute to minute life. I can't go five minuites without considering just, killing myslef. It wouldn't be hard, and at least once I'm dead, I'll get away from myself. I'll get away from everything that is wrong with me which let's face it, is everything.
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    i feel the same way and have the same thoughts
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    Yep good old teenage years i remember them mine were hard but not getting into that.I respect what your saying you guys are dealing with alot of pressure now days fast paced world technoligy that changes every 5 mins.Smashing a brick wall im no teenager but can relate to that its called frustration anger etc.Self critisism is one of our biggest faults not just teenagers weve forgotten how to love ourselfs as dumb as that sounds but we get so worked up that we are not good enough especially when some failure does occur.But life is about learning and all of us will hit bumps dosnt matter what age and might happen few times through our life but we need to learn from these and build the strength to get through these curves life will never be easy death might but fuck eternity in a black nothing i d personally rather show im strong enough to beat lifes challenges.Youve made one good step with your posts and that aint typo this for both you youve reached out and we all need to do that sometimes and remember that cause that also helps some things we need a hand to get through Take care and remember you have support here too