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Sometimes you wish you didn't say anything


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A few weeks ago one of my neighbors swore at me because I had my dog off leash in the apartment building. She has a nervous little dog who barks all the time and I have a puppy. My dog barks when he sees another dog. Her dog goes crazy. So she said God damn you and son of a b***, on 3 different occasions. She also threatened to call the apartment management and call the police on me. The swearing and yelling made me feel upset and angry, because it reminded me of all the times that went on in the home I grew up in. The threats really upset me because I thought we were friends. I have put my dog on a leash 100% of the time since then, but there has never been any conversation between us. I feel like she just ended the friendship by overreacting.

Her ex-husband comes over to see her a lot and I used to be on friendly terms with him too, but he just stopped talking to me after this stuff happened.

Tonight I took my dog out (on a leash) and she was in the parking lot with the police. I couldn't imagine what this was about, so I asked her if she called the police on me. And she said that her ex, the father of her children, had just been found dead in his car. And she made a sarcastic remark to me after that.

I feel bad for saying anything. I feel bad that this happened between us, and now I made it worse. I just came here to vent about it. I feel like a fool.


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you had no way of knowing what the police were there for. hopefully you can restart your friendship after things settle down. but for now sending her a sympathy card might help her know that you care. it wasn't your fault and i'm sure she knows that.


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