someting abit overdue.

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    This is something that is way over due.
    I am 35 years old now, and I have to say I hate my parents.
    growing up they made me so damn miserable.
    Arguing, arguing every damn day, an it was always about money.
    The moment I woke up every day, I could not wait tog et out of the house to and go to school to get away form them.
    My dad was the worst wen it came to support, I grew up with epilepsy and he never wanted to deal with it, he could not stand that I was not normal like everyone else, mys seizure were so bad growing up, I was unable to stay outside for a long period of time.
    but on count how bad my seizures were, I was unable to have friends, I was always indoors at home, so it got to the point the only thing I had was to please my parents, and make it through school.
    I had to be the person my parents wanted me to be to get some sort of recognition, no one has any idea how much I questioned myself cause of that.
    If there is one thing I knew the day my parents separated, is the fact I do not want to be anything like them, now every day I have to look at myself and ask who am I?
    And now a days I feel I am losing my friends, I am at the point I feel I have no one, and every day its just a rinse and repeat.
    I am to the point I want to go berzerk and kill someone!!!
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    Will a bit of late support help?

    I support you and everything you do is valid and has a meaning. :)
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