Son of the Dawn

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    Now, that's based on something I made in 2011. I found this poem, but it was too raw and with lots of grammar mistakes. Since it was good enough to throw away, I re-wrote it, and here it is. It's based on my thoughts on religion at the time.

    Son of the dawn, tell me
    Are you evil like they say?
    Are you really worse than the Gods
    To whom almost everybody pray?

    If you aren't, then why they say it?
    Why they say your name at every blink?
    Do you, by any reason, make closed mind people
    Open themselves and think?

    If you are, then why they just don't leave you?
    Why keep feeding an old enemy?
    I, myself, think that it's ridiculous
    When the say that you are in every little thing

    Maybe they're a bunch of jerks
    And need somebody to put the blame on their mistakes
    Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong - who knows?
    Maybe they chose the wrong ones to give their prays
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.