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  1. Ire

    Ire Guest

    Midnight strikes!
    The bells toll for the fallen
    Blood roils over the plains
    Soldiers lost to the frailty of the mind
    And still the death rages forever on

    Strike it down!
    Strike it down baby!

    Hurt me bad like I want it
    Make it burn and sting
    Cause the soldiers keep marching on

    No stopping their steps!
    Cause the death rages on
    And there's blood roiling in the hills

    Strike it down!
    Strike it down baby!

    Poison in my soul
    Rot in my mind
    Death in the heart
    Blood on the hands

    Soldiers keep marching on
    Boots are stompin the face of humanity
    This is the future my friend!

    Strike it down!
    Strike it down for me baby!

    Give up your independance
    Surrender your thoughts
    Give in to the collective!

    Make it all yours
    And i'll make you all mine
    Rip it all away
    Cause it ceases to matter

    Strike me down!
    Strike down my soul baby!

    Gonna die anyways
    Let me rot away to nothing
    So kill me now
    You soldiers of the future

    Kill me now
    Cause without my freedom
    I don't want nothing

    Strike me down baby...
    Kill me now...
  2. Ire

    Ire Guest

    If it was so simple
    Then it would have been done
    What makes you think,
    I'm in it for the long run?

    Just don't see the point
    Just can't find the meaning
    Just can't seem
    To get it right today
  3. Ire

    Ire Guest

    Boom Boom Boom
    Your bullets go through my brain
    But they don't kill me

    No, they don't kill
    They just make me hurt
    They just make me desperate
    They just make me angry
    They just fill me up with hate

    So take your stupid fucking bullets
    And shove them up your ass
    But since you don't do that
    I'll shove a real bullet
    Into my brainpan
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