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    My LDR boyfriend has a habit of sending me songs to express his feelings, he has struggled with aphasia since an accident he had as a kid... he can talk today though his voice struggles a bit sometimes and he does sometimes say the wrong word; if he gets emotionally stressed he can't form sentences... but anyway... he has always used music to express himself...

    He's been a bit quiet lately, and that's probably only something that I think. I am hyper sensitive and so anxious about losing him... (not even my own family really loved me, so why would he?). And I've been extra vulnerable today.

    Among some very nice songs with some sweet lyric bits he pointed out, he also sent me a song he has been listening to a lot lately while he has been running (he's training for a marathon).

    Basically the lyrics repeat (in less nicer wording) "No one can know that I've been having sex with Sally".

    It has a really good beat, and I can see how the pace and bass can work for running... but...

    I should probably tell him... but I'm scared of hurting his feelings. He's so scared of messing up with me. Those times he's said something wrong or forgotten something (like our anniversary...) he panicked. He didn't mean to forget, and I quickly forgave him... his brain damage messes with his memory.

    The last few weekends he has gone to bars with his friends (he doesn't drink), he told me the girls there were very interested in the bandaids on his head from his recent minor surgery... and that he told all of them that his girlfriend was taking very good care of him.

    I just feel like it's bad timing to bring up my insecurities... He got told today that he is losing his job by January 1st. (luckily since he is technically handicapped the company are required by law to help him find a new job)... but still. It's not a good time right now.
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    Hey, Lady.

    I'm naturally insecure, too. I can only imagine how it must be in a LDR.

    Sometimes our sig others actually do stuff like that on purpose, because they know how we'll react, or because they're seeking extra attention.

    How often do you get to see each other in person?