Soo low and angry right now

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by MaNg0s, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. MaNg0s

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    Today started off ok I decided to get off my ass and look for a job. I handed in a few cv's or as you Americans refer to them as resume. Went ok got back home and worked out but I felt soo sick when I was working out. Over the weekend I stayed with a friend and foolishly tried ecstasy and coke which fucked me up over the whole weekend I had a headache and didn't sleep. Things have been ok I started talking to this really sweet girl and we have been getting close I have even made plans to see her seems like thats the only good thing going for me.

    One of my best friends which I have known for years starts talking to me on msn today. He was a great friend but got addicted to world of warcraft ( an online rpg computer game ) it basically made him get kicked out of 3 colleges and mess up his life. So he starts telling me that I should play it and if I didn't that we couldn't be friends. Now I'm 19 thats something you would hear from a 12 year old. I am trying soo fucking hard to fight my depression but when something annoying and stupid happens like this it gets to me soo much.

    Also my friend has been talking to this girl and it has just made him go on and on about her. Now normally I don't mind but it kinda sucks when you feel like the loneliest guy on the planet and your friend won't stfu about how great his girl is. Its soo annoying right now I am soo angry I normally never get angry rarely but now I am soo fucking pissed off.
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    It sounds like you are doing pretty good. You may never get over depression fully. But you can learn to live with it.
    As far as your friend goes, I personally would tell him to grow up. He's trying to manipulate you. Don't give him that power over you. I would also tell him to back off on your girlfriend. It sounds like you have found someone who makes you happy. If he doesn't listen to you then I would cut him off all together. No one says you have to explain anything to him.Good Luck and keep us posted...:chopper:...
  3. Ohm

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    Know what you mean, I just want to block out everything people say about their great relationships. So many times I just want to walk away from people, try not to listen etc. I'm afraid I just loose control over my self and hit one of them one day.

    One thing that might help is to let your anger loose in a way that don't hurt yourself or others. Haven't found a way yet so don't know if it work :mellow:
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