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  1. Sadgirl249

    Sadgirl249 New Member

    I have so many issues I am sure that I won't be here for long. I am only 17 years old but all I want to do is end my life. My family knows and they are very supportive but I they don't know how bad it is cause I can't tell them the truth. I'm just so scared of the people at the hospital finding out cause I volunteer there and work closely with most of the nurses and quite a few of the doctors. I live in a small town so usually if one person knows everyone knows. I can't do this anymore. My grade 12 graduation is in just a couple of months and I know I have to end my life before that cause despite being smart in my younger grades I became stupid with age. Can't do this anymore. I've tried meds and psychotherapy is there really anything that can make me feel like a normal human and soon. :(
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think volunteering helping others this will help you hun feel accepted and part of something special. Normal who is normal hun we are all unique you are unique hun Talk to your family talk to your doctor and be truthful ok because by doing so you can get the proper supports you need hun to get feeling better
  3. poisoned-angel

    poisoned-angel New Member

    Hi Sadgirl,
    Sorry you are feeling so low. Please let somebody, anybody, know how you are feeling. Sounds like you have a supportive family who love you dearly, allow them to hold the hope for you that you don't see for yourself. Congrats on graduating that must be an exciting but also daunting time for you. I agree, volunteering is a lovely thing to do - you must be very caring and supportive yourself! Try to go easy on yourself, living is for everyone. You have so much living left to do. Feel free to message me if you ever want or NEED to talk, I am all ears.
    Stay strong and keep safe. You are strong, you are brave and you are loved.
  4. skinnylove911

    skinnylove911 Well-Known Member

    hey sadgirl
    Please tell them how you are feeling if you feeling low or if you are suicidal, don't make the same mistake I made a few days and not told my parents how I am feeling and live in two worlds like i felt i was doing. Please seek assistance, speak to your gp, friend or trusted teacher someone who knows about how are you feeling. do you have a nurse or someone in the medical profession that can help you or a shrink.
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