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soooo bored!!!

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uuugh, yeah so i'm sure i should've been punished for acting like a twat but still this sucks.

and i dunno, i'm not sure i'm gonna learn the lesson that you want me to, cos i still think that the moderators need to pick a set of rules and stick to it, all of them just using their own preferences and opinions is just making the place, unfair and a mess.
It says in the rules that people who are suicidal, aren't allowed to act as they please, nor should members be insulting others, nor argue with the staff when they've been told to change the subject, stop talking about a certain thing etc.

If you have a problem with the staff of this forum please feel free to take it up with Robin or another admin, but until we see your behaviour improve, you will remain under moderation.
Not open for further replies.

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