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  1. Anonymous11

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    Well im new here and feel kinda weird about posting but i feel like i should talk to someone about this. For about the last year and a half ive been considering suicide I just feel so isolated from everyone ive been dealing with depression issues since my early teens they were really rough emotionally (20 now). the suicidal thoughts have always been there in passing but it wasnt untill about a year ago i fell pretty hard for a co worker of mine and she lead me on and jerked me around and I havent been the same since and its slowly getting worse there have been moments lately were i've started but have been able to stop myself. It gets really bad at night when i'm just laying there alone thinking. I just seem unable to meet a girl and form a relationship. I'ts not like im bad looking or anything I'ts just that im inexperienced. I used to have a friend i could talk to but she got fed up with me and stopped talking to me which hurt alot..... and now i have no one :(. I don't understand why i feel this way I try and stop and think rationally about it but i cant come up with a reason. Sigh i can't even accuratley explain it and it frustrates me. It's just taking everything i have to keep going.... I have the means literally on the rack next to my bed to make it quick... Sigh I dunno what to do I can't afford to get help or else i would. I'm also scared that my parents would find out were close but this isn't something i can talk to them about.
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    Being inexperienced is nothing to be ashamed about..Your time will come where you meet a nice girl and open up to her.. Let her know that you haven't had much experience.. You two have the rest of your lives to work thru things.. Just keep your options open.. I was the same way when I was younger so I started going to bars where older people hung out.. I let older women take me home and teach me how to be intimate..Give it time it will work itself out..
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    I would talk to a councillor if your at college or even your GP doctor get on some meds for social anxiety. It will help you to open up more. You need to talk to someone a friend a relative I would go out and just join a sport group of some sort to meet new people. Take a course at college just for fun that interest you so you can meet people with same interest. Being shy is okay lots of girls like shy guys Your young just try to meet people withsame interest as you so you havethings in commom okay. Please try to get some therapy though with councillor talking helps.
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    I suffered with extreme depression and suicidal thoughts for half of my life. I had to jump way out of my comfort zone to seek help and advice. You really should go see a Medical doctor. Any general doctor should do. They can check you out, and see if it is a physical issue that is causing your problems.

    I was so close to suicide and really thought I was done with life, but as a last resort, I mentioned to my family doctor that I was having extreme depression. She prescribed me some stuff, and I am doing so much better. Not to say that you need meds, as you may not. But only a qualified doctor can say for sure.

    As for girls, I can soooo relate. But I wonder if you have the same issue as I do. I hated myself so much that I couldn't date.

    If you are wanting to talk, PM me. I would love to chat about how I broke my 15+ years of hiding my depression from friends, family and doctors.
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