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sooorry foorr alll thee troublllee

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i.m sure everyoone ooss is tired of me by now, same stuff
i tired and am trying bu it ain't enough. n othing will evver be enroubh
thhere's nothingg left i can't do thias, thereee's just nno end
no end withough lloosingg. i;;ll bbeee a quioter berffore a looser.
Haarold you wereee a quitter noott ta looswer. i understandd u moreee and
noreee eacchh day. u did waht u felt u had to do but wi mmiss u but i
totaally understandd.


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Linda (hopeless13) has got out of hospital today - her fourth stay in a few months - I know she had ECT - but not sure if this stopped as she was a bit down with that treatment.

Anti depression meds were not working that well - obviously. But maybe its not the right combination yet.

Harold is her brother who sadly killed himself.

I always PM Linda as she is my adopted sister in a way - a friend - and she is only a young girl - so I feel kinda protective there - like a brother would!

Well - I know its hard Linda - but want you to live - and not to take an overdose of the many pills you do have.

So - please do keep talking to me!

Yours ever - M

PS Nobody is EVER tired of you or anyone else here.

We know your pain - we NEVER dismiss it - its not something anyone with depression could EVER do.

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I am glad you made a new friend hun Peacelovingguy sounds so concerned and caring for you hun I do hope you hold on okay You know i lost my bro too remember i told you i know your pain i do but your bro would only want you to be happy as would my bro want me to be happy I hope you meds kick in soon hun and i hope your treatment helps you feel more stable hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Linda has taken a bunch of meds.

I know you do not want to go back to the hospital - but you don't have to have ECT and I think that has stopped - as each person - it may not always work.

Well - hospital is better than taking meds and going to sleep!!!!!

So I'm talking and hope things will go ok.


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<Mod Edit - Acy - Methods>.

Maybe somethng else also - but she wants to sleep it off.

not that amount - you do not sleep it off - you would really die!

so - a wing and a prayer here!

you got to phone an ambulance ASAP.
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Its OK - she has phoned!

So lets hope the ambulance gets here in time!

And its great that Linda does listen - some don't.

Well at this stage - its wise to listen to others sometimes.
Sergent McGuire/ Police Dept is there now - and Linda was concious all but a few minutes beforehand.

My prayers are with her right now but its good she did seek help and phone.

the message I got.....

"You are very lucky you got her to phone 911
I am can tell you she is unconcious and very unstable
the ems peple are working on her to try to stabalize
her before we move her. She apparently fell on the floor. Is there any thing else you can tell us.
thank you"

thats the cops.
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Just to add - only now do the ambulance guys have her vitals stabilised enough to move her - so it really is touch and go here.

She is a strong girl and I hope she pulls though.

She is now in a vehicle with flashing blue lights.

The staff will be kind to her.

The moral of the tale we should all try to be a little kinder to people - maybe then it would not come to the ambulance - flashing blue lights - and even if you don't believe in prayer - that's all you have sometimes.

A lot of us here with depression - we don't have it as bad as Linda. I'm not demeaning what people here feel - some DO feel that bad - but many - its good days and bad - we have times we can maybe bite our lip and not say something unkind.

Well - its 7.30am - sleep at this hour would be madness!

I think I'll be first guy in the shops.

Does that impress women or demean me?

Do you think I care about details like that?

But I got to grab a shave and a shower.


My prayers for Linda and I know you feel the same

and for anyone else out there.
Ah - that was the cops who did worry that she had nobody there - so they had to look for any suicide notes - and sadly - had to even look at what I had said to Linda by PM - but its there job - and they knew I was trying to help and were very kind actually - explained to me that Linda was being stabilised - and her vitals were ok to move her to the stretcher then ambulance.

So 40 mins later it was a Sgt on the computer - looking for clues - also checking me out which is what they have to do. Some people are not supportive of people overdosing - we know this - rare though it might be - some people encourage it - but the cops were satisfied that I was cool and this website was a pro-life website!

But she is a strong kid. Many people would never have survived what she has taken.

I pray for her recovery.

thanks to everyone here also!

for being kind to her.


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I'm sorry but the police/paramedics do not come online to chat with online friends. Even if they were worried about her if she'd fallen over or something, their main concern would be her physical wellbeing and to get her to hospital, not to log in to MSN and a suicideforum for 'clues'.

Anyway clearly Linda needs help and I hope she's getting it wherever she is.

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