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    blue is the color of sorrow
    i built the world out of my sorrow
    i made music out of my sorrow
    the last thing i wanted was a blue moon
    i hear the tune of sorrow
    green makes me think of you
    sorry you fell
    i hope you get well
    this hurts me
    i don't want to yell at you
    i love you
    i need you
    please help me
    i understand
    you don't know how
    i eat this sorrow
    i live with it
    i drink this sorrow
    i don't need it
    heart is breaking
    i feel it
    i'm slipping into craziness
    i'm lost in this sorrow
    glued it to me
    don't take me there
    i live where?
    the moon will fall someday
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.