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    I can't tell whether this guy likes me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read before I make a total fool of myself...

    I just started a computer course and a kid in my class (let's call him "Denny") Denny asks me questions a lot "what book are you reading?" was the first thing he said to me, we've become friends. Somehow it's progressed into us throwing paper balls at each other, hiding each others stuff, playfully insulting each other, trying to make each other jump.

    This guy tells me jokes, winks at me now and then (although it might be a twitch I'm not sure!)

    He eavesdrops on conversations I'm having and casually brings them up later (maybe he overheard by mistake? I don't know!)

    Another guy in my class, "Andy" told Denny he fancied me, first thing Denny did was tell me as if looking for a reaction...I told Denny the other guy wasn't my type and he seemed to perk up a bit and was asking me "you honestly didn't know??" over and over again since this other classmate Andy has "accidently" got on the same bus as me home three times now although I've made it clear I see him a as a friend :'( I've tried to ignore it but Andy leaves in a week, so it's not too bad.

    I digress....

    I can't tell if Denny likes me but I like him and I don't want to make a total idiot out of myself!

    Today Denny asked if he could borrow my ring I had on to put on his little finger cause he "liked it" I mean do friends do that??? he then proceeded to hide some of my paperwork I had to ask him where it was a few times...

    I got put into another class today which he hasn't been in for a while, all of a sudden he had to come into my new class to play cards with the other students resulting in him getting in trouble.

    Is this a trail of coincidences? Am I reading too much into this because I like him back and don't want to seem like an idiot by assuming too much!

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    I think he's into you.All of those little things are playful flirting with you they're kinda a tad immature but still flirting with you.He might be flirting like that because you didn't notice "andy" liking you.But idk.

    I'd say it is safe to assume he likes you.Whether you make a move or wait for him to is up to you.

    I'm guessing things didn't go so well with "S***"?
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    Hey you, how's it going? Like everyone I end up getting close to Shawn moved halfway across the country!! I hate work here they expect you to move about, second time that's happened to me now :mad:

    I hate seeing the best in people at times it makes me like people too easily...still....I do like this guy he makes me smile... but I want to know if he likes me and I'm finding it difficult to figure out!
  4. Earn

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    I think your country should have a moving ban.That justs weird.I'm sorry about what happend.:hug:

    The things the he is doing sounds like he does.He's real playful with you.Look to see how he is with other girls he has known as long as he knows you and that could tell.But I would bet my bottom dollar that he does like you.Maybe hang out with him a couple times outside of school.Maybe with his playfulness you might have to be the one that brings up the conversation of who likes who and what not.Oh and don't forget to ask him of he plans on living near you for awhile.
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    Tahnks Earn, afetr all this time on the forum you're still here for me, you're one of my best friends :)

    Wish me luck for tomorrow...
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    Aww thank you Pixie :hug::pixie: You're one of my best friends too.

    Good Luck tomarrow.Don;t forget to use your pixie