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sorry for being a pain

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I'm sorry to those I've been hurting lately.

I'm being a pain and I know it. Still I keep being this way.

Trying to work on this

I won't bother any of you with this any longer. I promise

Take care please

and I'm sorry


SF Friend & Antiquitie's Friend
Staff Alumni
i dont think youre a pain.i think youre a good friend to allot of people.if you want to talk im here.just pm me.:hug:'s


I am being a pain right now
and I feel really bad about it

I don't wanna bug you... I don't wanna bug anyone


SF Friend & Antiquitie's Friend
Staff Alumni
dont worry hun.youre never a pain.we just care about you and thats not going to stop. BIG :hug:'s


dunno if you're still there... but :hug: back
and thank you for the reassurance

just feel bad..... really bad...


Staff Alumni
Hi, :)
I know who you are....and I care all the same.
Because you are not a pain, in pain, yes, I can hear and feel that.
So please lean on us and let us support you.
Take care


Staff Alumni
You are not a pain. I'm sorry you've been so down recently.

What can we do to cheer you up?

Want to talk about it?


You are not alone.


:harp: :massbounc


I'm sorry to be ending this thread this way

But I've fucked up my last hope

I'm sorry

fuck fuck fuck!!!!

I give up :cry: can't handle this one....

I wanna die :sad:
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