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  1. muslim

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  2. Tara

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    i think thats all crap.
  3. ~PinkElephants~

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    people questions those things because of 9/11 and the AlQuaida(sp?) blowing up our buildings and killing thousands. People question the things that happen to your women because of the things they see on the news. People question because they have a right to.

    I don't have a problem with people in general just the ones that go out of their way to destroy others. Of course though religion will be mentioned there because that is all they talk about. I'm sorry this is just my opinion but....
  4. muslim

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  5. muslim

    muslim Well-Known Member

    sorry if that thread is offending some body
    but islam didnt say to blow building or to kill innocents that is not permitted who said that muslims made that are you sure
    of course there is a lot of reports that say that it is jewish arrangements or usa arrangement

    either if it is from bin laden muslims dont agree with him
    for my self i agree for defending in palestine or afghanistan or kashmir
    or Iraq

    but for innocent people or buildings that isnt from Islam
  6. In France it is forbidden for a woman to wear an hijab. And I don't get that. If I wanna wear 3 bedsheets on my head in public I don't see why I couldn't. The only reason is cuz it represents Islam. And that's bad.

    But sometimes these minorities in the west go to far with their demands and accomodations.

    The only reason they attack the Muslim faith, when something bad happens, is cuz the perpetrators are muslim fundamentalists, and because Muslims generally don't denounce this. You've seen Arabs celebrating in some countries, after Sept. 11.

    Muslims should distance themselves from the terrorists, and say this is not what we believe. I am not an expert in Islam, and the middle east, so I should probably not say anything. I don't know what Islam advocates.

    As for Muslim culture. I think it's none of anyone's goddam business. In the West, women are whores, generally speaking. It's all I'm gonna say. American women have nothing to say to Muslim women.

    American imperialists and capitalists wanna control the earth.
  7. Tara

    Tara Guest

    :mad: speak for your own friends and family thanks.
  8. When I said that the women in the USA are generally whores, I wasn't talking to anyone specifically, cuz I never get personal. And my statement was correct.

    And you have insulted my family, but i forgive you, i dont want u to feel guilty or bad.

    What is a whore, not just a prostitute, it can also mean, a sexually promiscuous woman.

    You add up all the pornographers, escorts, prostitutes, women who have different sex partners, etc. etc.

    You get more than 50%, so we can say that women in the usa are generally whores,

    which is not the case in some muslim countries

    So the the West should shut their trap about Muslim women.

    Arab and Muslim women living in the West, many of them are whores too
  9. Tara

    Tara Guest

    not all women are promiscuous!

    if you can say anything about western women, western women can say what they like about muslim women.

    No offence to my Muslim friends, but Muslims who dont want to be seen in that light should stand up and say. When all you hear about the religion is bad (as its only usually in the news if theres a terrorist attack etc) then of course you're gonna say bad things about the people practising that religion.
    Not everyones open minded and intelligent to realize that its a small minority. But you cant blame them for not wanting to read up on the religion.

    I myself, dont blame everyone for it, like i said after the 7/7 attacks, if we go 'round blaming every muslim person in the uk for those then we're going to have a problem. Most of us are friendly with muslim people, as theres so many around here its hard not too.
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  10. I never said all, I said generally, which means more than 50%
  11. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    thinks this thread should be closed due to the fact that you are generally calling women whores...don't think that's right. That has nothing to do with Islam at all. youve taken this thread completely off course.
  12. Tara

    Tara Guest

    that doesnt matter. 50% is saying 1 out of 2. 50 out of 100. out of all the girls/women i know (and i know a lot) i wouldnt say any are promiscuous.

    im not getting into this. i cant be bothered for debating. i dont want this thread to end up closed like the last one. :)

    lets leave others have their say.
  13. i was making a point... westerners shouldnt talk about muslim women, when theyre women are generally whores, which is a fact

    get over it

    close-minded fascists
  14. Tara

    Tara Guest

    not ALL westerners think that way.
    and like i said IF YOU ACTUALLY LISTENED was i have muslim friends, many infact and get on well with them all, i dont think any of those things in the first post.
    edit: my friends aunty is always covered head to toe, with just her eyes showing (i appologize i forget what its called) noone says anything. All the older males in her family have beards, NO one says anything. all the girls wear their headscarves to school. no one says anything! we ponder and ask why, as we've not seen it before but we dont go over the top and compare them to others.

    AND that wasnt directed soley at westerners.

    YOU ARE THE ONLY CLOSEMINDED ONE HERE. you believe you're opinions (thats what they are) are right. and dont give anyone else a chance to have theirs.

    you get over it. :mad: get over yourself.
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  15. SeemsPerfect

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    It's not a fact. It's an opinion. One to which you're entitled to but AN OPINION none the less. I think it's a ridicolous opinion but that's just MY opinion.
  16. Darken

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    1. any muslim who has a beard is considered a terrorist? thats not true thats false.
    2.They are forced to wear them, nuns choose to. Some one being forced to dress a certain way is oppression .
    3. Wrong. Islam has many teachings controlling women and even preventing them from working or getting an education.
    4. Every one should have equal freedoms. If some one is being discriminated against for wearing a veil or jehab then that is wrong. True.
    5. I dont believe this and any one who does has really low expectations for humanity.
    6.Not true. christians and other religions are some times accused to have killed for their religion gods and religious teachings too just like islam.
    7. That would be self defense, not a terrorist attack. A terrorist is not some one who is just defending their self.
    8. Islam has never offered me a solution to any of my problems so I cannot have denied any thing from islam.
    9. It is not always blamed on islam like you claim that is false.
    10. because most news papers are more credible than the quran.
  17. muslim

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    Dear ideation i am not with you that western women are hores
    may be the movies tell that thing but the fact isnt like that
    and that word (whore) is very big word that hurts any girl(sorry for TARA)

    what i meant by that post many things are misunderstood about islam and muslims
    here we have a joke that make the feelings of muslims appear
    one day there was a man walking in the garden.
    he saw a dog running after a preteen girl he rapidly ran and catch the dog and fight it till he killed the dog
    an author writing in a newspaper saw him he said you are a brave man
    i will write tommorow a brave man from new york save a kid's life
    the man said i am not from newyork.he said i will write
    a brave man from america saved a kid's life
    the man said i am not american.the other one asked where are you from
    he said i am muslim
    next morning the man read in the first page of news paper

  18. muslim

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  19. Tara

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    i totally agree with that.
  20. theleastofthese

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    If we oould only keep our opinions out of our discourse how righteous we could be....:sad:
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