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I'm sorry.. I'm so low I can't even be myself :(

I just wanted to wish y'all a happy christmas......
Hey hun :hug:

I'm glad you're still around at least - that's something :) :hug:

We're always here if you need us - ya know that :)
You know where I am if you need me - just PM / e-mail / Skype / AIM / MSN :)

You take care, and concentrate on feeling better :hug:

Have a good Christmas hun :santa:



Thanks you two....

I'm sorry to waste space with this.. but I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday, youa ll deserve so much better.

And joe. thanks for the offer.. but I couldn't be a bother to you any more than I am already with this.

I just don't know :(

Take care


Thanks for asking viks,

I can't let myself put this on you :(

I can't, I just shouldn't :wallbash:
yeah ya can, i want you to. I have an idea of who this is. Just tell me sweetheart. PM or email or something.

You can put this on me, YOU CAN.

I want to help and i don't want you feeling down. I'm here so please talk to me.
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Sa Palomera

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dear "pathetic",

I don't know who you are, though I do have an idea of who you might be. Whomever you are, I'm sure the screenname "pathetic" doesn't fit you. :hug:

If you want to talk/chat or whatever, please do so. I'm here for you. Don't worry about "putting it on others", I can handle things.
Please feel free to send an email to ester@shooru.com. I'm there for you. :hug:

I am glad you are still around too. You know where to find me if you need to talk. You are not wasting any time or space by posting or talking. Thank you for the kindness in wishing us a happy Christmas. :hug:


Thanks for replying.. and being there. tho I won't let any of you :( and I'm sorry.

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas as you all deserve it so much! I wish you all so much happiness and joy.. especially on such a wonderful day.


Tho I can't let myself :( having someone to talk to would be really nice right now :cry: uhhhhg


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If you change your mind about talking I'm here. It wouldn't be a bother at all. I hope things get better for you and I hope you had a happy Christmas.
hun i is here, i thought i knew who this was but i got it wrong, i have an idea of who it might be so please talk to me, okay darling? i is allways here x


I want to, trust me I want to... but I just can't :( I wish I could explain why I can't tho I want to.... :cry: This is why I'm just pathetic.. pathetic, worthless, ahhhgggggggg


Vikki... thank you for being so sweet and so persistant with this thread. anyone else would have ignored the rest of it at the first sign of resistance to talk. That's meant a lot, believe it or not.

:cry: but I'm still so messed up and so pathetic that it's just not worth your kindness to bother. I've stayed basically hidden for over a month now.. and no bodies known the difference.. what's another month? or two more? or just.. forever? :(
sweetie im not just gonna foreger this thread and im not gonna forget you/ Im not gonna gve you.

I still have an idea of who this is but im not entirely sure so please PM or email me.

Im allways here for you and if you wanna talk then im willing to listen.




I can't pm. I wish I could just remove myself completely from this place. I wish you all could forget me.

I guess you can somewhat tell who I am from my writing again huh? :( I'm sorry, I tried to do it differently...

:cry: :wallbash:
Well hun im not entirely sure who this is but i have a few ideas. If you can't PM you can allways email me :smile:

Im here if you need to talk and i allways will be :hug:
I am not going away either hun. You know I am here for you when you are ready. I understand about you not being able to talk. We have gotten through it before, and we can again. You know where I am. If you still have my number, call. Take care hun. :hug:
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