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Im sorry guys. I cant hold on any longer. I feel like my time on earth is over, and my time on here is over as well. Im sorry to those that I have let down. Im sorry for it all.

It seems like I cant do anything right for anybody. So my time must be ended now. I have been drinking for awhile now. All night as a matter of fact and now I have decided to go do what I have had planned. The train tracks are just down the road from me. Wont take long to get there at all. I know the train schedule so I wont be to early or to late either.

Im sorry, Im sure you dont care


Dont do it cos you feel you have nobody. You have yourself. Hope you havent decided to end your life - I know when you are feeling down - being told you have yourself to rely on may not seem adequate, but you say ur sure nobody cares - well the way I see it, you can never totally rely on anyone else in this life but you can ALWAYS count on yourself. You are better and stronger than you might imagine right now, and you ve got a lot of potential life left, its really up to you, but I think you should stick around, cos you CAN make a success of it, everybody can. Hope you are ok.

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I care and you ARE love. You are a part of me and I'm a part of you, without you a piece of me will be missing. It will hurt me very much if you leave. Would you talk to me and let me know whats going on.
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