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  1. I posted something and now I think I am banned from the site. I am sory if I posted something I should not have. God bless you. I will take my battle elsewhere.
  2. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    You haven't been banned, It was moved to the forum 'let it all out'.

    We had a problem with numeous people posting in uncertainty principles so the staff decided that any rants in uncertainty will be moved to let it all out in future. :smile:
  3. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    im not sure who you are, but if you feel you've been banned wrongly please email and we will try to sort things out
  4. Thank you for posting. I just don't want to log-in for an account. I'm paranoid along with having suicidal thoughts. I don't think anyone is out to get me but if my wife ever found out about my internal struggle with suicide I think she would leave me. We have lost so many loved ones over the past few years and many responsibilities have been added to our lives because of it. I just don’t think I can take much more of this, and I can’t imagine putting any more stress on her, so I just taking it one day at a time in private.
  5. Ignored

    Ignored Staff Alumni

    I wouldn't have thought keeping this from your wife would necessarily be a problem so long as you are careful.... log out after each session here and clear your cookies! Hope you still manage to make use of the site.
    Best wishes.
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