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It is so hard to keep going, but you can. Stay here and talk to your friends online, let them help to keep you safe. If you have friends you can call on, do that. Call a crises line and keep posting.

Please stay safe, hugs.


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Come back and talk to us...We are listening to you..PM if you like.. I'll be on line for a while..The path you have chosen to follow leads no where.. Let us try and get you back on a positive path..Take Care...


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come talk to us hun you know ill always listen to you and i <3 you x infinity ^2 and i know you like math and understand how much that isssssssss!!!!!!

just imagine :rooster: :moonwalk: with :cow::duck: then we can eat :donut: and ill give you :pinkrose::hamster::turtle:

and if not ill arrange a :massmoon:

besides still for your 21st...:burp:

total eclipse

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You don'; think anyone understands hun that is your depression talking we all understand as we have all been in your shoes i am still there struggling fighting the lows Please just talk to us it help okay we here do get it okay we do so please talk to us pm me anytime.
Thanks everyone for the replies. Sorry I disappeared I just needed a bit to get my head in a better place. Sorry i worried you.

It's just, I'm regretting a lot of the decisions I have made recently and I can't make people understand why and everything else that goes along with it.. especially the one person i want to understand. It's like.. ugh I can't handle it all.

I'm sorry.. I'm probably failing to make you guys understand as well.

I'm so worthless.

But FBD I love you like.... 3 times as much as that :-p and I'll I have to say to that little emote story is this: you need a little :sheep2: and :hamster: with some :bunny: and a little of :Jehuty: and then on my 21st we get :drunk: And a :massmoon: really? xD yikes...
Haha that actually is very helpful. Gives me a reason to live that long :D

We seriously gonna get drunk together right? :P I will drive up there.


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absolutely i will plan a party if necessary hun <3 i might have a whole house by that point with a housemate who will brew our own beer and order a keg with me for whatever party we want
Omg. Haha. Me drunk is hilarious xD this'll be awesome

thanks hun <3 I'm so excited for my 21st now. Which means I have to make it to it.

But man is all this shit hard. :( I can't seem to win.
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