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soul crushing

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It is so hard to just breathe, every minute feels like death and darkness, it's crushing ever cell in my body. It's so awful, i wish I was dead. I am too afraid to tell anyone, which is just making it worse. It hurts my chest, I feel like someone is stepping on me and holding me down to drown, or choke on my own tears. Please God, make this stop.


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You sound like you are in a lot of pain. It can get better. If not you need to reach out for professional help. Sometimes we just can't do it alone.

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Hi hun can you grab a warm blanket and just cuddle it for awhile focus on what is around you okay see you are safe Put some quiet music on okay
Call someone hun to come and spend some time with you okay You are alright hun this horrible feeling will pass soon hugs


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Can you find someone to talk to? If that were your leg and not your soul you might have gotten to a clinic by now. You are really in intense pain. There is help.


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swimmergirl, how are you doing today? Have you been able to get online and contact a local mental health clinic or at least a talk line? Your pain is real; it is telling you you need help. Keep coming back to SF every day.
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