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Soul Loss

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I wrote this poem after I was diagnosed. I'm still trying to figure out and understand all of it - if I thought I was chaotic before... I'm in constant chaos now...Oh well :poo:

Soul Loss

My life is like a jigzaw puzzle,
Pieces scattered, warn and used,
Not the little child like ones,
But more complexed and confused.

Seeing the world colourless,
Black, White, No Gray - Extreme,
Makes most of my days,
Like living in a horrid dream.

Triggers, Triggers, Triggers,
Leave me frightful and alone,
All that gives me a little peace,
Is Great Bears journey home.

Journeying through my life,
Along the open shore,
Wind flowing through me,
As my soul it bleeds for more.

Watching as the waves,
Slamed against rocks,
Reminded me of my emotions,
Disconnected, Numb and Locked.

The Ocean seems so endless,
The Land, a red hard rocky road,
And the Sky - she held no limits,
To the truth that must be shown.

Following on the journey,
Great Bear set out for me,
I came across some obstacles,
Where Great Spirit lifted me.

I tell myself to listen,
Listen, will all my might,
I hear the wolf and raven,
They're here to assist the flight.

I opened up my heart,
Used spiritual eyes and ears,
Many will acompany me,
Which diminished all my fears.

Remembering to take with me,
All the baggage that I toll,
And like that of burning bushes,
Great Bear will cleanse my soul.

© 2010 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry
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