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    funky monkey
    no one is smiling
    each and every soul completely sucked of life
    each and every soul completely void of life

    they say don't talk to strangers
    every new person is a new lesson learnt
    of the same story written over and over again
    a stray tear finds it way down my face

    forever alone
    disdain for the sickly
    i'm beat, i'm bushed
    zombified, no life inside

    a soul that cry's
    still i search
    for something that should start with in me
    I can bring new life into this world

    one lesson at a time
    maybe there is a reason
    men of faith have no s/o :nono:
    commit to god

    find new life
    bring new faith
    restore the order
    love everyone

    this is what is told to me
    the end of the cycle
    in this life i must find peace
    in this life I must find enlightenment

    maybe one day when I'm old and gray
    I will know happiness
    what it feels like to be complete
    and my soul will ascend to the heavens
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.