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    I stumbled into the room and looked around, wondering what brought me here to this god forsaken place. I saw before me the past that I lived, the life that I lost, the being I surrendered for someone else's needs and profit. I found the keepsakes that I cherished stored in old boxes with faded labels.

    The most prominent box wrapped in a pink silk bow was the one with the tag that read "Soul". The light played with the glittery overtones of of the ribbon carefully wrapped round it. The song it's all about soul plays in my head, it's melody haunting what I used to have and sort once more within the depths of my being.

    The pictures of what I was, and who I was once sat in another these however they were in an album. The voices of the people within them came to light and whispered the secret memories we shared, the playful tones of childhood lost, stolen away to a corner to hide as the teenage life grew through. Like vines of disappointment, angst and pain that filled the gaps, crept between the cracks winding themselves around my body and mind hiding what lay beneath.

    The actions I took are of my own volition, the mistakes I sought to rectify, the opportunities lost to be regained at a later point are the things that sit in another corner. The choices made through fear and self loathing, the words still sting when captured and placed here in a form of expression and escape. Those choices not always of my own doing set about the vicious circle of intent to destroy and verify I was what they said I was. I made that choice to believe, the only thing that I failed to succeed at was death. No matter how prominent it sat glaring at me from afar, forever just out of reach like an unspoken goal. I punished myself with hatred more than what they could ever surpass or put on me. Wandering lost, helpless, alone and unsure of friend nor foe. I slept and dreamt it, the nightmares awoke the household with each scream in remembrance of what I was losing, much to the annoyance of those around me.

    This is what I lost, and I now seek to regain once again.

    I find a little more of myself here and there, spread to thin in places. My soul heals a little each day I remember what I am and who I used to be. I seek a little within the deep closest of others to gain reference to be me. I've found so much, and struggle with putting the pieces of that broken damaged puzzle of my life back together.

    Thank you to those who have added a piece, or uncovered another that I thought I'd lost, may the real story of me be uncovered and may we meet so you can see the results of who I am. May I remember with each glance at my reflection, remember I am not that ogre I believed I was, I am beautiful and deserve so much more than they ever dreamed I would be. More so than I ever have.

    Take my hand, and move forward gently, with each step, each stumble, pick up the lesson put forth, be free, be you and breath..
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    Again hun you words are beautiful they say so much hugs to you