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  1. Sadeyes

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    My upstairs neighbor decided she wanted to play her music, which to me sounds like ducks in heat:hatch:, very loud...I never play music loud as I have a very powerful sound system not want to melt her windows! But I decided I would play my system at around 20 out of 50, and now, all of a sudden, she shut her music ...I wonder why? :dunno: Too bad there cannot be a discussion with her, but seems whenever I mention anything, the music is louder...I never have a delivery before 12 noon so the bell is not blasting anyone out of bed, and try to live 'in harmony' next door neighbor is a dear friend...he can do whatever he wants, because his 'noise' is not an intrusion at all, in fact, when he is watching a movie loudly, I enjoy it because I know D is having a good time...poor upstairs person ...started an issue with a water gun when I have an H not smart :eek:hwell:...soon I will turn it down as I have made my point :whistling...did I say, I love Reggae and Hip Hop on the weekends :faint:, and her music sounds to me like rainbows and lollipops up your tush! :lol!:
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  2. total eclipse

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    Lol Sadeyes giving some Brooklyn to your neighbor hugs
  3. MoAnamCara

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    I can send you some good jigs and reels that'd work pretty good too!
  4. Butterfly

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    :rofl: loving the real life Brooklyn. You go girlll!!!!!
  5. Wastingecho

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    did that in college once - room at the end of the dorm kept playing heavy metal full blast until i moved my speakers into the doorway and blasted them with the opening them from star wars

    things got pretty quiet after that
  6. Terry

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    my grandfather, sick to death of loud thumping music at all hours, took his mega speakers and put them in the window.
    On went the 1812 and the knob to full blast.
    Street went silent from thereonin. :laugh: