"Sour Fall"

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    “Sour Fall”

    I must increase the taste of this bittersweet tonic
    Derived from my blackened garden
    Accelerate me into the supersonic
    So I might escape that acrid aftertaste

    ...Still, the taste smites me
    Like delayed pain upon the nerves
    Destroying reserves
    Of stability
    And worthless benevolence
    Annihilating acceptance of fallibility
    You call this the “essence”
    The human element
    I lack spirit

    Demented eye meets Demented eye
    I’m not surprised when I realize
    The mirror stares back

    A pointless endeavor is
    To search for nobility
    When mobility
    Towards inspiration
    Is non-existent

    I can’t move against the coming storm
    You’ll find you can’t either
    The only difference
    Is when chaos strikes​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.