Sour World (beware of some language)

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    I'm fighting hard;
    To remain sweet,
    Stuck in a sour world,
    That I'd rather show a middle finger.
    But my smiles are well rehearsed,
    My head's been chronically bowed,
    I've bitten back the pain;
    Drunken it down as the finest wine...
    I've begged myself in the dark,
    All alone; Never again, No more,
    But as daybreak came...
    So did it start again...
    I even tried leaving;
    Realising no one would wonder;
    Where I might have gone to...
    I've choked on your bitter pills,
    Time and time again.
    I've closed my eyes;
    Letting you have your fill...
    Hoping it would spare the next poor soul...
    And still I remained sweet...
    Too sickly sweet...
    And I've said thank you,
    When all I should have said was
    F*ck you.
    So tell me now...
    How do I stand tall,
    How do I reclaim myself?
    How do I go into the world;
    Knowing what I know?
    Shouldn't it have driven me to madness?
    Shouldn't I be tearing the world apart?
    As it did me?
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Thread Status:
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