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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by StellarSparkle, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. StellarSparkle

    StellarSparkle Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I woke up in the middle of the night and when I took off my sheets I could see a sparkle of light, I was really scared but then I thought it was just my head because I woke up very fast. Later I couldn't sleep and moved my sheets again and I could see other sparkles. I got really nervous and scared, I couldn't move, I thought it was my imagination but then they happened again and I realized they were real. I am still scared as to why they happened, I want to think that they were just a trick of my mind but I am sure they were real, am I having visions ? Have any of you experienced anything like this ?

    7:05 AM
  2. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

  3. StellarSparkle

    StellarSparkle Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply Blake. I experienced them last night for the first time, I hope they don't happen again, otherwise I will visit my doctor.

    7:05 AM
  4. TLA

    TLA Antiquitie's Friend

    Not positive; but if you are spiritual at all it could be someone (a being, or angel) trying to tell you something. I would not get soooo alarmed by it. :blink: It seems quite rare...You may just be a special one to receive a sparkling light in your room. Hallucinations can be freaky. On the other hand, our bodies and mind help know if we are more ill than we think.....now that you know, you can deal with it effictively.

    This probably does not help. Just wanted you to not feel alone!!
  5. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    I'd be excited if I saw sparkles! What a wonderful way to wake up! :laugh:

    On a more serious note, I think you should look into this, as the others said. If it's not a problem.....enjoy the new vision.:tongue:
  6. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    If it continues, I would visit someone in the medical profession about it. It may be absolutely nothing to worry about and maybe it was just the way the light happened to enter your room. Hopefully all is well. :hug:
  7. StellarSparkle

    StellarSparkle Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone for your replies :smile:

    TLA, do you experience them too ?

    I am so scared now :sad:

    7:05 AM
  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Don't be frightened about having them. I have seen sparkles before, but not sure it is the same as what you are referring to. These eyes can do amazing things sometimes. Put that with the brain and who knows what may appear. Maybe you could call a health professional and see if they think it is something that may be cause for concern. Just an idea.
  9. Fatman1966

    Fatman1966 Antiquitie's Friend

    Dont want to rain on your parade, but sparkles, or a least visual ones when waking are a sign of high blood pressure, if you are seeing them, then you really should see someone about it.

    Most people can see them if they look at a bright light or sunny blue sky for a long time.

    Seeing them at other times is a sign of stress / high blood pressure.

    Need not be a big issue

    Drinking can cause it.
  10. StellarSparkle

    StellarSparkle Well-Known Member

    I am going to try not to worry but I don't know how I will manage tonight, I hope I can sleep. I saw those sparkles when I woke up but also later all the night because I was so nervous and scared I couldn't sleep again. I don't drink, maybe it is due to migraine, I don't know if I suffer from migraine but I have been having headaches and brain shivers of late :sad:

    Good night everyone and happy new year 2007 :smile:

    7:05 AM
  11. dropmealine

    dropmealine Well-Known Member

    It's possible that if it's only on or in between your sheets that it's just STATIC ELECTRICITY! Is your home dry? Sorry if this ruined something special.