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    That is how I feel at the moment - spectral. Like a shadow of a person. I have come to the conclusion that I do not actually exist. It's like... being trapped in this dark lonely space that I can't step out of and nobody wants to step into (why would they?). Even here, people get logged out mid conversation due to a tech issue and I am not important or significant enough to come back for.

    I feel... like a thief. Stealing moments from people who cannot really spare them - do not want to part with them. Hiding in the shadows and coveting sparkly moments of existence that I am not entitled to. I am a ghost trying to cling to a world that does not see me - a world I cannot touch.

    I read today that people can actually die of loneliness - I think maybe that is what happened to me. I faded away like a story people stopped believing in. And all that remains is an echo that grows fainter by the day. Eventually nobody will hear me at all - and it will be as if I never existed. Then I can leave.
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