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  1. melimorgue

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    What am I supposed to do about my parents? I'm currently fighting a long workman's comp and discrimination battle with my former employer and could get a settlement. They suddenly want to talk to me and are pretending to give a damn. They treated me like shit over the holidays and every other day. I want to cut them off but, I feel guilty. They refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing because the never actually layed a hand on me. Neglect and emotional abuse is very damaging. I don't want to be an asshole but, they always want to dip in and try and take credit for raising me. I'm the middle of 3 children. Did they help me with anything? NO. They bought my brother a house, put my sister through college, and take care of my brothers kids. What did I get after 4 years in the army and 6 years of bad marriage? A fucking ipod. Yeah, because ipods make everything ok and have the power to erase 30 years of abuse. I want to cut all ties before I get any kind of settlement. I'm by no means a greedy person but, I want them to suffer like they made me suffer all these years.
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    Hi melimorgue. You need to release all of that built up anger and frustration that you have for your parents. It's not healthy to hold it all in.
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    I take it you are over eighteen?? When you get your settlement just don't say anything and maybe even move to a different state..I left my parents and family for six years... No one had a clue where I was..If it wasn't for my daughter coming along I would still be awol..I broke down and called my mom to tell her she was going to be a grandma..Whats yours is yours.. Don't let them strong arm you into giving them any money..
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