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Spew !!!!!!! *Language*

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Just have to let this out or I will fucking explode.

The shithead fucking wanker that calls itself my husband sent me an email today (about the finances of splitting up and dividing the house) and had the fucking temerity to bemoan the fact that he may have to work a few months to get out of debt, if he has to give me the money he owes me.:mad:
He then added a fucking sad face:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

this is the fucking shit who walked out without a by your leave, any explantion and left us all on the fucking floor. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him that he has a few thousand debt for walking out!!!!!:mad:

Then I go down stairs and my fucking mother starts, of course everything has ended up being my fault (doesn't it always) and I got a list of fucking demands as to what I have to say to him, deal with and generally take the blame for:mad:

I'll fucking top meself in a minute and then they can all argue about it at the fucking funeral:mad:
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Re: Spew !!!!!!!

No problem with the swearing hun :) :hug:

I'll edit the title just to say about the language, but it's fine :) :hug:

Always here if you wanna talk :)

Take care



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I'm sorry the sad-excuse-of-a-man is treating you this way. From the sound of it, you do NOT have to feel sorry for him. In fact you don't have to feel anything for anyone else right now.. just concentrate on yourself and your own feelings.

Personally, I hope this bastard has to work for another 10 years to make up for what he's putting you through. But i'm biased.. cos i don't like seeing you in pain.

Sad face from him or not... please just look after yourself right now. Post as much as you like here.. we're here for you



Ya its time to think about you and to drop this guy from your past.Do not listen to others about this being your fault....for some reason ( and i have seen this alot) it ends up being the Wifes fault.I no of a couple who the hubby was using the wife as a punching bag so she divorced him....yet for some reason it was her fault for not making it work.Makes no sence to me but there ya go.
Hey Dev,

Sorry to hear about the mess of things with finances and stuff. Know with my parents having gone through (and still going through) fighting all about that stuff, and my mom not paying for child support and what not... well, I see how much of a pain in the arse it causes. So I feel bad you're having to go through this :hug: I'm sorry I can't be much help, other than to offer an ear or a hug or two... or several. :)

It's not your fault. You didn't ask for this (just thought I'd add that because it's SOOO true)

:hug: take care


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Thanks everyone, this has been one of those days where everyone has thrown a wobbly at me.
Head butted the wall (lovely bruise coming up :laugh: ) and cried for an solid hour. Frightened the life out of my son :sad: but feel a little less like throwing meself out the window.

The hugs helped loads.
Awwwwwwwwww Terry :(

Maybe ya cousins should go ahead with that little 'visit' :wink:

You know where i am if you wanna talk or have a laugh with on skype :tongue:

Viks xxx
Glad to hear you're feeling a smidge better Dev. And all the hugs in the world. You certainly deserve them :hug:

Crying can be good sometimes.. I think you told me that before :laugh:
Ah devvie :hug: :hug: :hug:
You can use my jason anytime you want :jason:
But watch out with the bunnies, he's used to that now
Anyway if you need to let it all out, i'm here :hug:
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