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  1. BornFree

    BornFree Well-Known Member

    Everything is speeding, spinning out of control
    Flying off, falling apart intensifying leaving nothing whole
    Cracks appearing crevaces surfacing waiting to trap to lure
    Those losing their grip falling slipping lost without a cure

    No end in sight this hideous ride tormenting haunting
    Stealing joy, peace, needed hours of rest & sleep daunting
    future unsure, strength waning hope & purpose fading
    Aimlessly trying to survive each hour each day no saving

    Drifting on the sea of doubt no hope of rescue
    From the pain the desperation knuckles white screams cue
    The end is nigh this rollercoaster has to cease its torment
    Yet another verse of tedious whining & complaining its lament

    What support resources hidden their existance questionable
    When blame & guilt make life unbearable insurmountable
    Still spinning round & round nausea rising head hurting
    So bad desperation swamping death waiting lurking

    Waiting for the inevitable to possess & claim its prize
    To take this broken body & soul to silence its endless cries
    What is there to do other than wave the flag of surrender
    & hold on as destiny takes the lead while heart longs to murder

    This pathetic self to inflict the pain remorse disgust
    For the person Ive become & all Ive lost of dignity lust
    For life dwindled no longer remaining a way forward
    So still spinning intensely grip releasing this useless coward.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hugs to you hun i am so sorry you are in such turmoil hun. Again i can relate to these words you write but know that when you can no longer grip tight we will help you ok
    Each day hun gives us that hope that things will change the light will somehow get through
  3. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    :hug: We will help you through this, just lean on us for a little while.
  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    We have left what we claim for ourselves and you at 60% is so much more than most people at 100%
  5. BornFree

    BornFree Well-Known Member

    :grouphug: Tears ... Thank you TE, lightbeam & Sadeyes xox
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