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  1. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    This is just getting worse all the time. I can't get a job, and feeling like a failure is really depressing. Being depressed I cannot make a real effort that might get a job, which leads to more causes of depression. I don't really see a way out of this except exitus.

    This is like a song that needs a proper ending instead of just fading away while the audience gets bored. I'm sure no-one misses me anyway.
  2. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member


    I felt the same, still do in some ways. But a few weeks ago I got so sick of feeling that way that I sent my CV off to every job vacancy I thought I could do (and I few I knew I couldn't). I've had loads of interviews since, and not getting a job after all that (mostly due to "experience issues") hasn't made it much better.

    But the look on people's faces when they see how much I've done in the last two weeks... Now there's something worth trying for.
  3. Tara

    Tara Guest

    me too! ive been searching and searching for jobs to no avail.

    ive had shotdowns because im too young *rolleyes* im 19 ffs! but i keep trying. dont let it get you down, you will get one, it takes time but in the end you will. Just keep trying, keep your chin up (i know its hard)

    try different things, ask in places that may not have a sign up. Volunteer until you get a job, anything to keep your mind off things, and volunteering in a charity shop could be good expierence to have when going for interviews!
  4. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I've sent probably hundreds of applications, and only been in a couple of interviews. Twice it almost seemed like I was going to get somewhere. The first then had a recruiting block, which doesn't mean that they would have hired me but the process was stopped altogheter. The second was a small firm that eventually also was unable to hire anyone. Of course I have no chances of getting any cool jobs, but not even any less cool.
  5. Tara

    Tara Guest

    me too!:dry:

    i know it puts you off applying for any more. but youve gotta keep trying or you'll get no where. i believe in you, you'll get there in the end! we both will:biggrin: even though its really hard when you keep getting shunned !

    good luck :thumbup:
  6. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    That's where I'm getting anyway! Can I just die, please? I would like to die now. :cry:
  7. Tara

    Tara Guest


    it may seem like that but honestly you will get somewhere in the end! keep your chin up! :arms:
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