Spiritual Consequences Of Suicide

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  1. Tranquil

    Tranquil Member

    I know not all here are believers in the afterlife and some have been raised by other faiths. I, myself, was raised a Catholic however I have always been interested in the possibility of reincarnation and/or karma, etc. I am the type of person that was always afraid of death but I did become suicidal in 2008 and did attempt. I had what I felt were several warnings from my guardian angels or possible loved ones from the other side.... I won't get into much of that here but suffice it to say, I am at the same crossroads again and cannot find a solution to my problem, yet I'm getting signs I should not end my life. I did a lot of studying after my first attempt in 2008 and what I learned is (again remember to keep an open mind especially if you don't believe in life after death), but what I learned was that we do come here with a certain purpose and we have certain opportunities to change things, however if we commit suicide and abort the mission early, we create another wave of karma or a ripple effect and we have to come back and do the same thing all over again, only it will be harder. This has been difficult for me to get past b/c I cannot find a solution. If you've done any googling on the spiritual consequences of suicide, you will read that we ourselves judge our actions and we can be very harsh on ourselves. It is enough to make you want to try and stick around to see if things here are better than what we might experience by taking our own life. There are varying articles on what one might experience and some people make it sound like no big deal, others make it sound like it should be the last thing that you should do. From my experience, yes it appears that things will only get harder in your next life so if, somehow, you can stick it out, please consider what I'm talking about. I'm not sure if I can put links in here or not so, for now, I will refrain from doing so.... There are also a lot of teachings on Theosophy by Blavatsky and some of her stuff will make you stop and think. Anyone who has had a suicidal NDE experience has said that they regretted what they did and came back to finish this life. I hope this helps some of you. I can get into more detail if needed but thought I would just make a quick statement regarding this without too many specifics. If it will help to stop one person from committing suicide, and continuing on their current path to try and solve their current problems, then I've done something worthwhile with the time I have left on this Earth. I hope this finds you well and feel free to comment. Thanks for reading and many blessings.
  2. Winslow

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    I already had a thread about "Reincarnation Preventing Suicide," but when I tried a Search, I could not find it. Basically,it's that if you commit suicide, then in your next reincarnation, you will have to continue the same kind of problem again. So suicide does not solve anything at all, but only prolongs the misery. Obviously, it's better to endure rather than give up. So suicide won't end the problem, as that misery will only resume in the next reincarnation. It's a resumption.

    Back in the decade of the 1960s, I used to be a Buddhist. Then in the 1970s, a Christian Evangelist converted me to Christianity. But as time went on, I found so many contradictions in Christianity that I went back to Buddhism with its Reincarnational belief. Strange as it may seem, I consider myself both Christian and Buddhist, because I find benefits from both. The best example is that when I had a very severe intestinal disease which even medicine could not cure, it was Christian-prayer which cured my severe illness. So I still believe in Christianity to some extent. But it's the contradictions which drive me nuts, and that's when I turn to Buddhism. Buddhism is what gives me peace of mind.
    The point is that both religions help me, but in different ways. It's always beneficial to keep an open mind, so that we can get different ideas to solve our problems. The more ideas that we have, the more possible it is to find a solution.
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  3. Tranquil

    Tranquil Member

    Hi Winslow,
    Thanks for the reply. I found your old thread. It is here...
    I am surprised when reading the comments that not many people have looked into what happens to them after they commit suicide. Maybe it's b/c I was brought up Catholic and
    was terrified to go to Hell so then I researched everything and even though it all scared me (about reincarnation and all that), I did attempt and honestly I believe I had divine intervention. I then finally met someone online who taught me more about spirituality and it all made sense. I really wasn't afraid to die any longer although I preferred just being good and going to Heaven (lol) b/c I didn't want have to reincarnate again and again and have a bad life.

    Anyway, regarding suicides and reincarnation, yes I do believe our spirits will live on and live many lives over again and again (I do still take some stuff from my Catholic background) but it's more that Jesus is an ascended master and such. I could be wrong as none of us really know but if you research it all (and I like to analyze everything and research everything) it overwhelming points to the fact that suicide is no solution. So, once again, I sit here knowing I have no solution. I have even researched if suicide is possibly my destiny in this life?

    I never ever thought in a million years, that I would have ever considered suicide (it crossed my mind once in 1988 with depression) but I never researched it or tried anything. It wasn't until 2008 when I had what I would say was an unsolvable problem that I seriously contemplated it and researched every which way to do it, everything that could possibly happen, etc. I made what I would say was a very serious attempt and yes I was pissed that it didn't work though I am still here 7 years later facing a more difficult situation to which there really seems to be no solution and I have to wonder (I mean honestly wonder) is it so difficult for me now b/c I did this previously? To me it makes sense b/c I cannot get anyone to understand where I'm coming from and I wish I could just take medication and help my symptoms. It is more of a fear that is created in my mind by my circumstances. When my circumstances were different, I was fine. I have been unable to change my circumstances and I want to say the band-aid I had been using all these years has been ripped off and I have no band-aid left so to speak to help with the fear.

    I feel better at night. The same thing happened to me in 2008. I would feel better at night and think "wow I'm going to wake up in the morning and feel good again" but I don't and I do think there are many of us that don't really want to die, we just want to have our problem go away. Yet from all that I've read and learned we can't make it go away with suicide and I'm still shocked that I even think about it all the time. I just never thought I would be at that point to do it and if you've ever attempted or anyone reading this has ever attempted, it is a very difficult thing to do b/c the will to live, the instinct is very strong. Most of us would never walk out in front of a speeding car, would we? We lock our doors and we don't walk in bad neighborhoods. We wear our seatbelts but yet we want to die... that says to me we just want our pain (be it mental, physical, anxiety, depression or something else, we just want that pain to end). Well I hope that people will hop on this thread and give it a little thought and I hope it will help someone. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I'm also a catholic, but had a very mixed religious upbringing as my mother is church of England.
    My grandmother was a spiritualist and taught me a lot about reincarnation and karma, also as most spiritualists are also Christian they interpret Christ's teachings with reincarnation in mind.
    The saying "in my father's house there are many mansions", they believe is about the 7 levels of the spirit life, i.e the first level being the one we visit in our sleep, up to the 7th level which Jesus had attained.
    I don't know which of the various religions is correct or incorrect, as man has added his own interpretation to the teachings of Christ; and everyone finds God in their own way.
    When looked at logically, reincarnation makes the most sense and in no way overthrows any of Christ's teachings.
  5. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Dear Tranquil - I wonder whether the following might be of interest to you:

    Suicide – Not The Answer

    With love and special blessings - Aquarius

  6. Tranquil

    Tranquil Member

    Thank you. I was hoping that more people would hop onto this thread and find it helpful. I wonder if posting it elsewhere would be better.
  7. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    I became a Christian at an early age even though my family rarely went to church. I was raised across the bay from San Francisco, California in the 1960s during the rise of the hippie culture. I was encouraged to research and use my brains in figuring things out. As an adult I've read self-help books, gone to school, have membership in 12 step programs, etc. I myself did not attend any church regularly until 9 years ago because I thought I wouldn't fit in. I love to study the Bible but it's frustrating that people, in general, do not want to talk about it and what it means because they think I'm preaching at them. So, I looked at the different denominations online for how they believed and I found a church. This is cool, because I can now openly talk about the Bible. As far as fitting in, the need to talk about the Bible outweighed my social fears.

    That said, intended as background about me, there are so many different directions one can go in search of the deeper meanings of things, and life beyond life on earth, etc. I have learned there is a common thread in most teachings and those threads are regarding the basics of living life. The saying, "life is a journey, not a destination," is so very true. That journey is always the here and now.

    As for how I believe on the subject of this post (take what you like and leave the rest), I believe in the Almighty God. I believe that his authority is the one that matters. I don't like everything he says, and the way I deal with that is that I ask him (in prayer) to teach me why he has certain laws. I believe that every believer has a personal relationship with God. The give and take in that relationship is reading the Bible (what God has to say to us) and prayer (what I have to say to God).

    That said, I know I'm going to heaven, and, I will have a spirit body. I will see Jesus because I will be like him in that I will be the same kind of life form.

    Is my life a piece of cake now? No. I don't believe in the prosperity gospel. Jesus said that those who follow him will have to pick up their own cross. That does not describe a life of ease and wealth. I have come a long ways in my relationship with God that I have assurance of my future. I have asked God to be my life manager. I do the foot work, i.e., I show up to take care of responsibility and do my part, but, God is the manager of the overall situations. This has resulted in my being less fearful of events and other people.

    I have just started Bible College (online and own-pace) and have entered a whole new aspect of the study of it. Such as the meaning of words from the original texts. It's mind-blowing.

    As I said before in my reply, take what you like and leave the rest. Thank you for inviting others to share their thoughts and beliefs.
  8. little lucy

    little lucy Active Member

    Catholics don't know or care much about mental health. It doesn't say anywhere in the Bible that you go to Hell for killing yourself. Some people think that they just made that up as a way to scare people out of doing it. The Catholics also beat my grandma and told her she was going to Hell because she was left handed. They are interesting. They claim to go by the Bible, when really they just make up whatever the Hell they want and preach it to control others.
  9. Corvette

    Corvette Active Member

    This is one of the reasons I didn’t kill myself years ago for fear of the consequences (so I was told). Also everyone said it would destroy my mother. I am interested in going back to a medium I saw last year; he did say some interesting things. I am in two minds. My father was an atheist and drummed it into my head how it is just impossible he was big on science; my mother was a catholic. Both of my parents are deceased. I have a lot of guilt for what I put my mother through. I want to see her so badly. The mistakes I made in this life are unfixable. I don’t want to repeat this life experience it was my naivety that got me here in the first place. If I come back I won’t remember what I did to mess this life up in the first place. So does that mean I will keep killing myself life after life until I’m in a situation where I don’t even know what’s happening? If I was to be reincarnated I hope it would be some insect or something so I could work my way up the food chain. My preferred option is be with my loved ones in the afterlife.
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