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Spiritual consequences of suicide

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I stopped reading in the middle of the text. I don't believe in things like your soul gonna blah blah blah. paradise, hell... if you ask me everything is a dance of atoms and molecule and energy. isn't the dead meat we eat all day, the thing that keeps our body functional???
if someone ask me I'd say death isn't a permanent state, everything WITHOUT exception changes even mountains or continents, the idea of permanent state where you get either there or there is man made, because there is one thing we just can't imagine as living being and that's how it feels not to be, i think it's a paradoxon our minds (at least my mind) wont get. at the very moment your body shuts down it's function you start to rot and i never heard that religoius people rot any different than atheist or suicider. we all go through the same process no matter how you die.
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