Spoken Sorrow

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  1. I'm a Rap artist also..So it may have some Rap "lines" in it. I apologize..

    Spoken Sorrow-
    Sorrowful voices echo here, come to the deepest part of my mind
    Enter this basement-like cave and here you'll find
    Darkness consuming my body
    I'm chained to a wall

    Enter another room I tripped into
    A never ending fall
    My thoughts consumed by anguish and pain
    I'm burnin in flames yet somehow there is still rain

    A poet to some, but a cold ghost to most
    A regreted son, of whom you don't wanna be close
    A word to the wise, the wicked are all fools
    But the one's who don't deserve it manage to rule

    Everything's pointless, nothing's ever hype
    Right now I just don't see a meaning to life
    I'm shackled to this bed, being tormented
    I asked God for a good life, now I ask for a death sentence

    I'm about ready to take my last breath
    I'm gettin sick of the demons inside my head
    I'm sittin here and I'm strapped with this nine
    Yet trapped in this life, I can't leave it, can't leave behind time

    I'm starin at my computer with no words to ryhme
    If happines was in the form of money, I wouldn't have a dime
    I'm sick of living and everything in it
    I'm sick of seein my life in flames, but yet I lit it

    Life I just don't get it
    Why should I have to live it
    I feel time followin me the clocks are always tickin
    I followed my Spoken Sorrow into nothiness

    I step into another room and it's just an empty closet
    Nowhere to move now I'm trapped, can't get out it
    I'm stuck in many rooms yet I'm only one person
    All these sides show my pains causin me hurtin

    And every room I've stepped into is the traps I fell in
    I shoulda seen this all comin when I stepped in
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    It is very good, i liked it. There was a bit of a rap beat, but it didn't take anything away from your poem.
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