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    Hey you guys!

    So I've been busy studying and finishing exams for the past few days, now since the biggest exam has passed, I can do a lot of things in this forum now, yay! So I went to visit my psychiatrist yesterday, and he said I didn't need further medication for my depression because I was doing well. So my first exam (the time that I still had my depression) didn't go very well. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't the score that I wanted, so I feel kinda disappointed. Some of my friends also realized my score on my first exam was lower than their expectation.

    Here's the sad part, I'm a medical student, and of course... all of my friends are medical students as well. But almost every single one of them doesn't know what depression is or how dangerous depression really is. I have to say, the stigma for mental illness is so strong, that most of my friends (medical student or non-medical student) think that it's just some kind of joke. I don't care about my depression (because I already seek medical help), I care more about people out there with depression or other mental illnesses but never actually seek medical help because of the stigma. I watched a lot of random acts of kindness around the world, and it always brightens my day. It will make my day if I received something nice, randomly, from strangers. It can literally save someone's life from suicide.

    So here's the thing, I bought sticky notes (colorful sticky notes to be exact), and I'm planning to write something nice in front of the note (example: "have a great day" or "smile" or "you are awesome", or others) with a #SpreadTheSmile and stick them to a random place where people love to hang out or come around (such as elevator, classes). On the back of the note, I will write "you can keep this or pass it to someone else".

    My goal? My goal is help someone in mental breakdown, at least I can make them smile just for a second or two. With this, I hope it can reach into social media, and help people realize that mental illness is a dangerous thing. It's real, it's there, and it's killing people. Hope I can be a psychiatrist someday, helping them to cope their problems. But now, I believe a little act of kindness can save them.

    Since I am not that optimist type of guy, is this a good idea or just a waste of time? Thank you for reading! I love you.
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    I don't think it's a waste of time at all! Anything that can help others to smile or feel good about themselves is good in my opinion. Cool idea :)
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    I love this idea! At my college they do stuff like this and it never fails to make me smile!
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    Hey guys! First update here. I didn't actually track my sticky notes that I put on random places, but I hope someone actually keep it or pass it to someone else. I still put that thing one or two every day. I will keep you guys update if something unusual is happening. Love you!
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    It is a wonderful idea good for you hun reaching out to people who need it the most